If  I worked for Disney I could change the nations future body image crisis in one fell swoop!

Last year my family and I watched the amazing film Frozen together. Since that day my children frequently quote my reaction to the big new Elsa reveal when she runs away to her ice palace in the woods. ‘Well, she just looks like a slut now’.

body image anxiety

After retelling that story to Lynne recently it got me thinking. Why did she have to look like a sex kitten and why such a thin, beautiful one at that?

We face a huge problem with body image anxiety

When you consider the huge success of the film, particularly amongst pre-pubescent children, and the huge problem we face with body image anxiety, then what an amazing opportunity to turn that around. It was great to see two female lead roles in one film but why not create a cool female lead who doesn’t have a 20-inch waist, who doesn’t have ridiculously lustrous hair and doesn’t wear a skimpy dress with a thigh-high split.

I am not talking anything extreme  – just a slightly wider waist, less hair, pretty rather than perfect and wearing slightly more clothes. Then if she becomes the role model of all the impressionable little girls and boys we could be onto something very special…

Should I just Let it Go?

The impact frozen had was phenomenal so just think what that could achieve? Do I have a point or should I just Let it Go?

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