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Drowning In A Sea Of Old Photos!

If your child has recently acquired a Polaroid camera (or you have acquired a pile of old photos) you might have discovered that they can become rather snap happy! This spontaneous act can result in large photo piles of pets, friends and selfies which just gets bigger and bigger. So what do you do with all your Polaroid snaps and old photos?

Get Creative With Your Polaroid Photos

The retro look of a Polaroid photo is very popular right now and makes for a stylish display on any bedroom wall. However, if you are looking for a more creative way to display your old photos and precious memories, we have found some ideas that allow you to be reminded of friends and family in a fun and flexible way. Say “CHEESE” everyone!

1. LED Photo Clip String Lights

old photos

These fairy string wall lights will make your old photos look very dramatic when lit up! This look is created with 40, warm white LED lights. Whilst lying on your bed, remote control in hand you can choose to have the lights on steady or flashing.

2. Photo Coasters

old photos

A fun and practical way (my favourite!) to display your Polaroid snaps. This pack contains four tempered glass coasters which you can cleverly slot your photos into for an instant bespoke coaster. Brilliant.

3. Polaroid Clock Frame

old photosWhat Do You Do With Your Polaroid Photos?

It’s time to take some more photos! Choose your favourite 12 photos to complete this Polaroid clock frame.

4. Lovetree Photo Display

old photos

This white collage wall frame is a very sweet way to display your Polaroidsands and old photos. It consists of six heart-shaped clips attached to a moulded tree with a glass face.

5. Rotating Photo Display

old photosWhat Do You Do With Your Polaroid Photos?

A slideshow with a twist! This spinning photo cube balances on just one corner whilst continuously spinning. You will never get bored of the same photos ever again!

6. Push Pin Clips

old photos

Lovely rose gold, mini bulldog clips simply designed to pin your Polaroids to any pinboard. There are 12 in a pack, perfect.

7. Sticker Sets For Instant Cameras

old photos old photosWhat Do You Do With Your Polaroid Photos?

Personalise your Polaroid photos with these fun, decorative stickers. There are 80 to choose from!

8. Polaroid Photo Wall Album

old photosold photos

When several of these Polaroid photo wall albums are hung side by side they look very impressive. Each individual display pocket can fit 10 photos at a time.

9. A Record Of Your Relationship In Polaroids

Our Polaroid Love Story

old photos old photos

This Our Polaroid Love Story photo album would make a great gift for someone you love. A page by page (40 in total) record of your relationship told in photos so far …!

Year Of Us

old photos  old photos

This Year Of Us Valentine’s concertina photo album would be the perfect gift to give to someone special in your life. It holds up to 12 photos and comes with a matching storage wallet.

10. The Good Old Fashioned Photo Album!

My Polaroid Album

old photos old photos

This simple brown and black cardboard Polaroid photo album would be great for keeping your photos safe and in some sort of order! It contains 40 dedicated pages for you to fill.

Mini Polaroid Album

displaying old photos

These stylish mini Polaroid Photo Albums contain 64 pockets and are available in four great colours. If your teen has mini photos to store then these are ideal. Take your pick!

Gold and Silver Mini Photo Albums

old photos

We love these mini, metallic photo album cases. They have 16 pages each and can hold up to 64 polaroid photographs.

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