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Teenage vegans are on the increase

Vegans choose to avoid consuming animal products for either ethical, health or environmental reasons. The number of young vegans is on the increase and almost half of all vegans are aged 15-34 years. A vegan diet is quite difficult to cater for if you are not practised at it, but in the past few years, several celebrities have become vegans, and so a growing number of vegan products have appeared. So what do you buy a young vegan? We’ve been on the hunt for some great vegan gifts for teenagers and young adults.

What do you buy? Vegan gifts for teenagers

1. Vegan Gift vouchers from Dolma

 vegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagers

Dolma gift vouchers make ideal vegan gifts for teenagers. Dolma are an independent British company who have no association with any organisation that conducts animal testing or uses animal derived ingredients. The company is well-known within the vegan and vegetarian community for caring customers who want to smell nice while knowing animals don’t suffer in the process.

They sell a lovely range of vegan products including aftershave and perfume, vegan candles and gift sets.

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2. Dolma Cruelty Free Vegan Candles

vegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagers

These lovely vegan candles are paraben and palm oil free and all 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Definitely worth a look

From Dolma – Click to view

3. Deliciously Ella – The plant-based cook book

Deliciously Ella is huge at the moment. The Sunday Times number one bestselling cookbook and the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time. With that said this is the book to buy if you are looking for vegan gifts for teenagers!

From Amazon – Click to view

4. Gaya Vegan Cosmetic Range

gifts for vegansGifts for vegans

Top gifts for teenagers

‘We are Cruelty-Free. None of our products has been tested on animals. Browse our vegan collection including vegan gel eyeliner, vegan mascara, vegan face moisturiser and vegan makeup remover’

A beautiful range of professional quality cosmetics but for ethical makeup addicts. Anything from this range would be welcomed by any young vegan who enjoys make-up. My personal preferences would be the Gaya mineral lipstick or the mascara for sensitive eyes.

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5. Carrot Socks

vegan gifts for teenagers

We thought these would make a cute, fun gift for a vegan teenager. Not that vegans necessarily eat a lot of carrots but its sweet and they often do! In adult sizes 4 to 10.

From Happy Socks on Amazon – Click to view

6. Cool Vegan Themed T-Shirts

vegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagers

There are some very cool vegan inspired t-shirts around and here are three of our favourites. We think these would all make very well-received vegan gifts for teenagers.

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What do you buy a vegan for christmas?

Lucy Watson (of Made in Chelsea fame) has also released a range of Vegan clothing, so if your young vegan is into designer clothing then this one is a pretty good price at £24.

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7. Asháninka Vegan chocolate – Cool Earth

What do you buy a young vegan?

Buy vegan chocolate and save the rainforest at the same time. ‘Cool Earth’ is a fantastic charity shop with a difference. Everything on the website saves at-risk rainforests, a topic often close to a young vegan’s heart. They have some cool vegan gift ideas and help the world in the process. This vegan chocolate is made using rare criollo beans grown in Peru, where cacao production is providing a vital income that means the Asháninka forest is safe from loggers.

From Cool Earth – Click to view

8. The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2018

vegan gifts for teenagers

Caitlin Galer-Unti’s mission is to show vegans around the world that ‘stress-free, meat-free travel is possible’. This brilliant book is an invaluable tool for anyone planning a trip as a vegan. If you know a young vegan off on their travels or on their gap year, then this would be a really useful gift.

From Amazon – Click to view

9. 15 Minute Vegan Comfort Food

vegan gifts for teenagers

Another must-have vegan cookbook is the 15 minute vegan. Vegan cookery expert Katy Beskow celebrates cooking for pleasure, soul and enjoyment, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Using ingredients readily available in supermarkets, Katy’s easy recipes and instructions will have you making delicious, nutritious meals time after time.

Good vegan cookbooks make ideal vegan gifts for teenagers, especially those leaving home or heading to university.

From Amazon Books – Click to view

10. Body Shop Vegan Beauty Products

vegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagers

The Body Shop has always been 100% vegetarian and always firmly against animal testing. They also stock a range of fully vegan products which are really great and always well-priced. They have products to suit everyone and I guarantee you will find a useful, thoughtful gift for any young vegan. Here are two of my favourites (click on the images to view) but there are plenty of Body Shop vegan products to choose from with some great sale items in the vegan section too!

From The Body Shop – Click to view full vegan range

11. Banoffee Bang Bang

what do you buy a young vegan

This one is included because my daughter insists it is too good to leave out!

‘Loving Earth’ signature caramel wholefood chocolate with banana, vanilla and crunchy activated buckwheat. A vegan take on the classic Banoffee pie. Delicious!

The wonderful Loving Earth brand is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism.

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12. Subscription to a box of vegan goodies delivered to your door

vegan gifts for teenagers

If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, The Lifestyle Box from Vegan Kind is perfect. With a monthly subscription of £8 – £10 per box + £3.15 p&p, the recipient will receive 5 to 8 Cruelty-Free & Vegan products delivered to their door every month/3 monthly or 6 monthly.

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