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Save our planet

Eco-friendly means not harmful to the environment and it is a topic that understandably matters a lot to many tweens and teens.

The term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy. Eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution. Making a truly eco-friendly product keeps both environmental and human safety in mind and we have found our favourite eco-friendly gifts and companies who put saving the planet at the top of their list.

What do you buy? Our favourite eco-friendly gifts for teenagers

1. Uplift Awake Oil – An alarm clock in a bottle

  eco-friendly giftseco-friendly giftseco-friendly gifts

Seascape Island Apothecary are a company we really love. We have tried and tested their products ourselves and with the help of our teenagers have selected two of our favourites. Saf’s teenage daughter has been testing the first of them –  the Uplift Awake Oil which is a lovely idea for busy teens who are often tired for one reason or another!

eco-friendly gifts

The oil comes in a pretty box, in a glass roll-on bottle which you apply to the temples, wrists, under the nose, anywhere you like. It contains 100% natural essentials oils of Jersey eucalyptus to stimulate the circulation, lime to energise the body and lavender to refresh the senses. Grape seed and almond oils complete the blend.

This product has recently been named as “WINNER – Best Stress – less Product” by the Beauty Shortlist. It has been described as an “alarm clock in a bottle” – we could all do with some!

If you use the code WHATDOYOU25 when you purchase this (or any other product), you will get a 25% discount

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2. Soothe Sleep Oil – A lullaby in a bottle

eco-friendly giftseco-friendly gifts

The Soothe Sleep Oil is the second of our favourite Seascape products. So many teenagers have trouble sleeping with all the life stresses they face, and this is a lovely natural aid to help them doze off.

Saf’s daughter has been using this every night for a week and she loves the scent and feels it has genuinely helped her relax and sleep at the end of a busy day.

The roll-on device means no oil is wasted and each bottle would definitely last a long time, so it is great value for money.

This multiple award-winning Soothe Sleep Oil contains 100% natural essential oil of lavender to relax and calm, as well as oils from grape seed, sweet almond, bitter orange flower and mandarin orange peel to balance the mind and deliver a gentle fragrance.

This best selling Sleep Oil has been named as both one of the best new natural products and one of the best “de-stress” products on the marketplace.

If you use the code WHATDOYOU25 when you purchase this (or any other products), you will get a 25% discount

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3. Chilly’s Water Bottles

eco-friendly gifts

Chilly’s was founded in 2010 by James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle, with the aim of providing people with the ability to always have cold (or hot) water on-the-go, without having to buy single-use plastic water bottles.

Every year around 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the sea, that’s a truck load every minute. One of the biggest offenders is plastic bottles.

Chilly bottles are VERY cool and stylish, yet sustainable, and these are two of our favourite designs (although there are many, many more to choose from).

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eco-friendly gifts

This whale adorned bottle fights ocean plastic. Plus a portion of the profits goes to the charity Sea Shepherd, to help conserve marine life so it is a great choice for conscientious teenagers.

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4. Handmade Glass Straws

eco-friendly straws

Every day millions of plastic straws are thrown away, but these glass straws are reusable, plastic free, carefully handmade and after production, each straw is individually tested and then carefully packed without the use of plastic.

These drinking straws are made of sturdy glass for drinking hot or cold drinks. Ideal for cocktails, smoothies, milk shakes and many more drinks popular with tweens and teenagers. Even dentists recommend glass straws to prevent tooth discolouration and to help with sensitive teeth.

After use simply rinse the reusable glass straws or place them in the dishwasher. A full-length cleaning brush is also included in the package. If you are looking for thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts then this one really hits the spot.

From StrawGrace at Amazon – Click to view

5. Recycled Bike Chain Keyring

eco-friendly gifts

A cool gift, particularly for a cyclist. This metal keyring is made from broken bike chain pieces which would otherwise have gone off to landfill. The bike chains are rescued and cleverly transformed into fair trade, eco-friendly gifts and this keyring even features a bottle opener. Great gift for a planet friendly teenager.

From a cool website called ProtectthePlanet – Click to view

6. Jagermeister Bottle Lamp

eco-friendly gifts

These fun, yet beautiful lamps are handmade using recycled spirit bottles, although the lights inside are brand new. A hole is cut into the back of the glass where the lights can feed through. The pretty lights are battery powered meaning you can easily move the lamp around. My teens are definitely familiar with Jagermeister and I know they would love this cool, eco-friendly gift idea!

From ProtectthePlanet – Click to view

7. Relaxing Natural Gift Set

eco-friendly gifts

This pretty gift box contains a selection of hand-picked natural products that have been produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment.

This lovely gift comes with a blank gift tag that you can complete or for a £1 supplement, you can choose a personalised sticker with your own special message.

The contents of the gift set are made in the UK and completely ethical, containing a selection of organic, natural and fairly traded products.

From Not On The High Street – Click to view

8. Plastic-free Bathroom Pack

eco-friendly gifts 

Turn your bathroom into a plastic-free oasis of sustainability. This lovely set includes a hydrophil bamboo toothbrush, toothbrush mug, soap, soap pouch and cotton buds.

eco-friendly gifts

Hydrophil means “for the love of water” and refers to environmentally friendly, sustainable and water neutral vegan and fair products. 10% of profits go to a charity providing access to clean drinking water for people living in the southern hemisphere.

From &Keep – Click to view

9. Brown paper style vegan rucksack

eco-friendly gifts

A stylish, sustainably sourced rucksack with a beautiful brown paper bag finish. The rucksack is not only eco-friendly but is also waterproof, lightweight, can be personalised and is the perfect size to fit a laptop. A lovely, thoughtful gift for a teenagers who cares about the planet.

From Not On The High Street – Click to view

10. Plastic Ain’t so Fantastic T-shirt

eco-friendly gifts

Love Your Planet in this inspiring, illustrated T shirt – launched in honour of ‘Earth Day’ April 22nd. We love this chic and stylish ‘Plastic ain’t so fantastic’ slogan t-shirt. It is the perfect way to spread the save the planet message and look fabulous at the same time.

Unisex, ethically made from organic cotton.

From Rock on Ruby at Not On The High Street – Click to view

11. The Body Shop cruelty-free beauty products

vegan gifts for teenagersvegan gifts for teenagers

The Body Shop has always been 100% vegetarian and always firmly against animal testing.


They also stock a range of fully vegan products which are really great and always well-priced. They have products to suit everyone and I guarantee you will find a useful, thoughtful gift for any teenager. Here are two of my favourites (click on the images to view) but there are plenty of Body Shop vegetarian, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products to choose from.

From The Body Shop – Click to view full vegan range

12. Reusable Make-up Removing Cloths

teen birthdays in February

Great idea! Reusable makeup removing cloths. They remove makeup using just warm water and so are therefore kind to skin and the environment. The gift that keeps on giving!  The pack contains 2 face cloths and 4 cushioned eye mitts.

From Querkity – Click to view

Marshmallow Beauty Kit

marshmallow gifts

Surround yourself in marshmallow with this gorgeous beauty kit. Everything is handmade from sustainable high-quality ingredients containing no parabens or chemicals. Nothing has been tested on animals. Great marshmallow gifts making the world a better place!

The kit contains – Marshmallow Rose Bath Tea Bag, Rose Face Mask, Marshmallow Rose Bath Sundae Bath Bomb, Marshmallow Rose Scented Candle (burn time, 15 hours)

From Prezzy Box – Click to view

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