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10 of the best inflatables

Pool inflatables are brilliant this year, with loads of choice and a variety of prices and sizes. With the wonderful weather we are having in the UK they are particularly popular, and also great to take on holiday abroad (when deflated they are small enough  to fit in your suitcase).  But there are SO many to choose from that we decided to research the range and come up with our top 10 best inflatables to make the choice easier for you. Links are in individual images.

1. Watermelon

best inflatables

A larger inflatable to share. £25.99

2. Rose Gold Flamingo

best inflatables

Pretty in flamingo pink! £24.99

3. Cherry Ring Pool Float

best inflatables

Gorgeous! £25.99

4. Avocado

best inflatables

Healthy and fun! £28.80

5. Stingray

Cool top and bottom. £10.99

6. Pineapple with Cup Holders

best inflatables

Fruity fun! £21.99

7. Ice Lolly

best inflatables

Cool off with this ice lolly inflatable. £15.99

8. Giant Pizza Slice

best inflatables

Get one each and you have a whole pizza! £23.99

9. Ice Cream

best inflatables

Perfect size for one. £9.99

10. Chocolate Digestive

best inflatables

Get a dunking on a chocolate digestive! £14.99

Please leave a comment if you have found any other  brilliant inflatables that we all need to know about!

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