“Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.”

W. Somerset Maugham

What do you buy for Anti-Valentine’s Day?

Young, gooey, heartfelt love is wonderful…if you are lucky enough to receive it. If not then Valentines Day is a bit of a bore, so why not turn it into a fun night! We have been looking for anti-Valentines gifts to help you and other singleton’s in your life, have a laugh on the most romantic night of the year!

1. Alcoholic Lollipop

What do you buy for an Anti-valentines Gift?anti-valentine's

A delicious giant ‘Valentine’s Day Sucks’ lollipop made with real alcohol. The perfect gift for your friends or for a group of teens or young adults who are not in love! Happy Galentines!
Chose from six amazing flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri, Gin and Elderflower, Cherry Amaretto, Passion fruit Mojito, Whiskey and Cola, Rasperry Prosecco

 2. Anti-Valentine’s Cards

What do you buy for anti-valentines?

If you know someone who has recently split up then this hilarious Anti-Valentine’s card might lighten the atmosphere (well, as long as they don’t get back together again)!

Love this! I think lots of single people, looking for love, would see the funny side of this Anti-Valentine’s card. There are many more to choose from.


What do you buy for Anti-Valentine's Day?

Valentine-Schmalentine bunting! Great bit of decoration for anyone not feeling it this year.

4. Funny T-Shirts


Some great unisex Anti-Valentine’s t-shirts which come in every colour you can think of. Would make the perfect gift for someone out of love with love!

5. Travel Mug

What do you buy for an anti-valentine's gift?

Love this anti-Valentine’s Travel Mug! Cupid does rhyme with stupid, so when cupid does something stupid this is the perfect gift!

6. ‘Undateable’ Gym Bag!

What do you buy as an anti-valentine's gift?

My girls showed me this ‘Undateable’ gym bag, as they thought it would make a good gift for their single and unlucky-in-love friends. It’s essential to have a good Anti-Valentine’s sense of humour!

7.  Mugs

What do you buy for an anti-valentine's gift?  

Take your pick of Anti-Valentine’s Day mugs! I can think of a few times my teenagers could have done with gifts like these! (Links in images)

8. ‘Tired of Meeting Mr. Wrong’ T-Shirt

What do you buy for an anti-valentines gift?

Love it! Wear this clever Anti-Valentine’s t-shirt with pride throughout Valentine’s season, because we’ve all been there!

“Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it’s just another way to bleed.”

Laurell K. Hamilton

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