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All things avocado!

From food to skin care, bags and clothes – avocados are big at the moment! My daughters love eating them, spreading them on their faces and basically anything to do with this delicious, nutritious fruit.

So having bought my girls lots of avocado-based things recently I decided to do some research and find some wonderful avocado products available to treat the avocado lover in your life.

What do you buy an avocado lover?

Avocado beach towel

what do you buy an avocado lover?

Sunbathe on a giant avocado! This avocado beach towel is five feet wide and made from cloth that dries quickly and rolls up small. A great gift for the summer!

Chocolate Avocado


A chocolate avocado with caramel filled truffle ‘stone’, handmade from white Belgian chocolate – wow!

Avocado hand towel
What do you buy an avocado lover?

This hand towel is shaped like an avocado!

Happy Avocado Cushion

What do you buy an avocado lover?

Look at this gorgeous green avocado-shaped cushion with an embroidered happy face! So cute.

Avocado pyjamas

What do you buy an avocado lover?

I have just bought these summery Avocado Pyjamas for both my teenage (and beyond) daughters and they love them!

Sephora Avocado Sleeping Mask

what do you buy an avocado lover?

My girls love Sephora products and this Sleeping Mask looks great. There are lots of other avocado-based face masks and skin products around to consider.

Happy Avocado Rug

A sweet and quirky Happy Avocado Rug from Sass and Belle for an avocado lovers bedroom.

Avocado iphone case

what do you buy an avocado lover?

This gorgeous avocado phone case comes in a range of sizes for the iPhone including the 6/6S, 7/7Plus, 8/8Plus and X.

Two Avocado ‘huggers’

What do you buy an avocado lover?

These are stretchy silicone Avocado Hugger lids designed to cover the uneaten half of your avocado. It seals the surface with the stone still in and you get two sizes per pack. My girls really need these!

Avocado Ripening Sock

What do you buy an avocado lover

The Avocado Sock is a natural and efficient way to ensure you have a ripe avocado every time. Simply place your unripe avocado in the sock and within 24-48 hours it will be ready to eat, ripened to perfection!

Avocado wrapping paper and greetings cards

what do you buy an avocado lover? What do you buy an avocado lover?

And, of course, to finish it all off you need the avocado wrapping paper and a greetings card! Brilliant!

Homemade Avocado Face Mask

I read about this one in the newspaper and liked it but there are other recipes around. The avocado is great for the skin!


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