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What do you buy? Brilliant gifts for students 

If you know someone who is about to head off to university to become a student, you’ll be only too aware that they are going to need a whole load of ‘stuff’ to get themselves started. From pens and pencils, pots and pans to animal print gifts, the list goes on! What do you buy and what do they need? Here are a few gifts for university students to start them off.

Student Survival Kits  

what do you buy

We have recently had the pleasure of reviewing these gorgeous handmade university survival kits from Tailored Chocolates and Gifts.

what do you buy what do you buy

We think that they would make the perfect parting gift for the student in your life. There is the option to personalise the kits with a student’s name and the University of your choice.

what do you buy what do you buy

You can also decide to have them filled with student-friendly goodies such as chocolate and hangover essentials! It is definitely worth taking a look at the full range of gift items as there are lots of great ideas to choose from.

From Tailored Chocolates and Gifts – Click to view

Laundry Bags Perfect for Students

what do you buy

This basketball style laundry bag hooks over a bedroom door to entice your loveable student to pick their dirty washing up off of the floor and slam dunk it into the basket. Genius.

From The Present Finder – Click yo view

Laundry Bag

what do you buy

We love this ‘Teenage Dirt Bag’ laundry bag! It’s made from 100% cotton, has a drawstring top and a handy hook to hang it up with. It is also available in black. Perfect for your teenage dirtbag!

From  Etsy – Click to view

Hug Mug

what do you buy

Remind the student in your life that you are thinking of them every time they make themselves a cup of tea with this personalised mug. Add your location, your student’s location together with the distance in miles between you. There is also an option to add a message or family name to the back of the mug. Happily, this mug is both dishwasher and microwave friendly.

From Not On The High Street – Click to view

Ice Shot Glasses

what do you buy   gifts for teens

For the student who likes to party! This 12 piece set makes frozen shot moulds. Just pour water, gelatin or your favourite mixer into the moulds and leave in the freezer to set. Cool!

From Amazon – Click to view

Chocolate Vegetables

what do you buy

Contains 5 vegetables: Onion, Mushroom, Asparagus, Cauliflower, Corn on the cob

The perfect gift for a university student. A fun way to get them thinking about their five a day. You never know, these delicious handmade white and dark Belgian chocolate shaped veggies might inspire them to try the real thing!

From Find Me a Gift – Click to view

Sunrise Alarm Clocks – practical gifts for teenagers!

practical gifts for teenagers practical gifts for teenagers

Do you know teenagers who find it hard to get up in the morning?

 These alarm clocks are brilliant. They gradually brighten BEFORE the alarm clock goes off to allow a gentle, more natural start to the day. They also do the reverse at night where the light gradually dims and turns off finally when you set the sunset mode.

There are some pretty amazing Sunrise Alarm Clocks around, but the concept is the same and it just depends on how much you want to spend. The sunrise alarm clock – one of the most useful practical gifts for teenagers ever!

Click to view

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Note Pad

gifts for university students

This ‘Shit I’ll Forget’ to do list notepad/desk pad combo is brilliant for the forgetful student. It is made from 100% recycled paper and is A5 in size. It includes 50 sheets and is available in either pink, sand and white or blue.

Polaroid String Lights

gifts for university students

These polaroid string lights are a great way to brighten up a student bedroom. The set contains 10 pegs that light up your choice of photos with a warm glow. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Desk Tidy With Photo

gifts for university students

This acrylic pen pot not only keeps a desk clutter free but it also displays any favourite (6x4″) photo to keep you going while you study!

Kettle & Toaster

gifts for university students

Just what every student wants. If all else fails they can always make themselves a cup of tea and a slice of toast. We love this rather fetching Swan Polka Dot set. The kettle holds 2 liters and has an automatic cut off and boil dry protection, just in case! Whilst the toaster has defrost and reheat settings with a red LED indicator light.

Gameboy Style Alarm Clock

gifts for university students

Ensure that the student in your life won’t ever be late for lectures with this perfect replica Game Boy alarm clock. It even has Super Mario Land alarm tunes which surely would be impossible to sleep through?

Clothes Horse

gifts for university students gifts for university students gifts for university students

A very practical gift for a university student. If you’re going to have to hang your own washing out to dry, do it in style. These colourful clothes horses are just the thing to cheer up washing day! Available in lime, purple, raspberry, red and teal.

One size available in W 62cm (24″) x L 50cm (20″) x 137cm (54″)

Fridge Locker

gifts for university students gifts for university students

This handy fridge locker fridge lock can only be opened with a passcode (combination lock). This means that your student can feel safe in the knowledge that their favourite treats won’t accidentally be eaten by another hungry student! It measures 28.5 cm x 19 cm and is suitable for freezers too.


gifts for university students

Provide peace of mind to any student with this Lifelock system that enables you to lock your door securely from the inside. It gives personal privacy, safety, and security without the use of keys or codes to remember. Helpfully it can be fitted and released in seconds.

Personal alarm

gifts for university students

A gift for a university student that will give you peace of mind whilst they are away from home. When the trigger pin is pulled from these personal alarms they produce a piercing  130 dB emergency call. This will sound continuously for up to 40 – 60 minutes or until the pin is replaced.

Animal Print Bathroom Accessories 

animal print gifts     animal print gifts

These eye-catching bathroom accessories and zebra patterned towel set are enough to cheer up any dingy student bathroom. Great animal print gifts that are perfectly practical! From Zazzle. (Links on individual images)

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TV-inspired mugs

what do you buy what do you buy what do you buy  

What do you buy a Friends fan heading off to uni? Any one of these mugs would certainly improve their late night coffee drinking whilst penning that last minute essay! Our personal favourite being ‘You’re my lobster’. We love you Pheobe Buffay! (Links on individual images)

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