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Music is just IN you. You can tell from quite an early age if you have a musical child and it is even easier to tell if you haven’t – believe me!

So although all three of my children love listening to music and have dabbled with the odd instrument, with a varied amount of success, my eldest has a complete passion for the subject. He loves everything musical, from pop to a good symphony and is studying it at university.

So what do you buy for a child who loves music (whether they are musical or not!)? I have searched for some music based gift ideas and have several friends with a musical child, who have given me some brilliant recommendations, so I hope this helps.

1. Mogee

My son found out about these Mogees from his uni music course and then asked for one for his birthday this year. Mogees combine a vibration sensor with this amazing and revolutionary music software, which transforms any object into a musical instrument. They are a pretty reasonable price and he takes it with him wherever he goes! Coolest gift ever for a musician.

2. 100 Albums Scratch Poster


what do you buy a musical child

There are 100 albums on this poster which are all covered with a scratch-away foil panel. You scratch away the foil from all the albums you know and the remainder becomes your very own musical bucket list. As you learn about the other great, classic albums, you uncover them too. The poster covers a wide spectrum of musical styles – jazz, hip-hop, rock n’ roll, modern classics – you name it!
Thanks to the wonders of Spotify you don’t even have to buy the albums to educate yourself about them. It is a cool piece of art and something most music lovers would thoroughly enjoy.

3. Rock War Book Series


What do you buy a young musician?

This Robert Muchamore series of four books for teenagers is an absolute winner. It follows three aspiring teenage musicians, Jay Thomas, Summer Smith and Dylan, as they appear on reality show Rock War. Muchamore is a brilliant writer of teenage novels and has a knack of getting inside teenagers’ heads. Rock War is a fantastic read, full of twists and turns, all about rock bands and musicians. The fourth, most recent in the series was released in October of this year. Note: brilliant recommendation from Susie and her two teenage sons – thank you!

Rock War 2014
Boot Camp 2015
Gone Wild 2016
Crash Landing 2017

Buy first three in series together  – from Amazon

4. Ukelele

What do you buy a child who loves music?


Buying a musician an instrument is difficult as it is a very personal thing which needs expert knowledge. But my son has assured me that one of the coolest gifts he has received over the years is a ukelele. They are inexpensive, easy to play and apparently never fail to please a musical child.

They come in four different sizes with the soprano being the most popular. Generally, the more ‘serious’ they are the more expensive they are, but I am reviewing the more basic models, which are perfect if you are looking for a simple, fun gift. There are many around online or in any music shop (although, sadly, these seem to be hard to find).

The red Makala Ukulele above is the one my son has. They have lovely dolphin shaped bridges and are among the best in this price range. A genuinely playable instrument, a selection of colours and comes with a simple cover.

Below is a great beginners ukulele at a lower price.

What do you buy a child who loves music?


5. Bass Guitar String Bracelets

Gifts for a guitar player

This lovely bracelet is made from real bass guitar strings. We bought one for our son at Christmas. One size fits all, so you simply bend and shape it to fit your wrist.  It also comes in black from notonthehighstreet.co.uk. Perfect for any music junkie!

6. Silver Treble Clef Necklace

Gifts for music lovers

This gorgeous sterling silver treble clef pendant really caught my eye. It has a beautiful high shine finish and would definitely make a very special gift for someone who loves music. A pretty addition to any outfit and you can also add a selection of pearls, faceted gemstones or Swarovski crystals to personalise it.

7. Musical Notes Soduko

Stocking fillers for musical children

The same as normal Sudoko, but instead of numbers it uses musical symbols. What a lovely idea!

8. Classical Music Crosswords Book


Stocking fillers for a musical child


All the clues are based around classical music. The perfect gift for a music geek!

9. Musical Snap

What do you buy for a music al child?



A great game to play, whilst at the same time learning your musical notes and symbols.

10. Music Stave Whiteboard

What do you buy a child who loves music?

This A4 whiteboard has two (or four) staves pre-printed onto one side so that you can write music down with the dry-wipe pen (included) and easily wipe off again with a damp cloth. Such a great idea for young, learner musicians.

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