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My daughter put ‘Pony’ on her Christmas list every year, just in case!

My middle child has always been obsessed with horses. She never owned a horse but it was on her Christmas list every year, just in case. Instead, she trained the dogs and her younger sister to leap over her home-made horse jumps in the garden to pretend she did. She turned her playhouse into a riding school and owned a numnah and bridle which she placed on her rocking horse before taking it on a hack around the hall.

At university, she joined the equine society to continue her need for a weekly horse-fix to relax and help her forget any stresses in her life. Neither her Dad, her siblings nor I share the same passion, despite her many attempts to make us appreciate their beauty. Like many young people, she just loves everything about horses as much today as she ever did.

So what do you buy a horse lover?

There are so many horse related gifts around and there are some horse items that simply have to be chosen by the rider themselves. So we hunted around for gift ideas that aren’t too personal and that young horse lovers will appreciate whether they own a horse or just love everything about them.

1. Hairwear Carrot Bunch

Presents for little horse lovers

This is so cute. Well, a horse-lover would certainly see the funny side of a Carrot Bunch Hairband. Most of them seem to have horse snacks in their pockets all the time! A great little gift to give a horse lover. By Joe Cool through Amazon.

2. The Saddlery Gift Vouchers

What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

The Saddlery Shop is one of the largest dedicated online tack shops in the UK. They provide great products for owners, horses and riders. The Saddlery Shop Vouchers are easy to use online and make the perfect gift to give a horse lover if you’re not certain what they need. They come in the values of £10, £25 and £50.

3. Personalised Horse Brush

What do you buy a horse-lover?

A medium sized dandy brush for small and large hands alike. The grooming brush has vibrant red bristles and can be personalised with the name of the horse and owner/rider. The names are laser engraved onto each brush, making the details permanent and long-lasting. £13.20 from BespokeandOakCo

4. Chocolate Horseshoe Gift Box

What do you buy a young horse lover for Christmas?What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

What do you buy a horse lover? A realistic solid chocolate horseshoe of course! This amazing Chocolate Horseshoe is full size and perfectly proportioned to be exactly the same as the real thing! It is made of luxury plain chocolate from Trinitario cocoa beans and hand-finished with gold and silver edible paint. It is suitable for vegans and comes in ‘Rusty’ and ‘Silver’ from The Amazing Chocolate Workshop for £9.50.

5. Horse Bracelet – Ingrid Klimke

What do you buy for a horse-lover?

These are a gorgeous gift if you really want to treat someone. These Ingrid Klimke Bracelets are from a range of beautiful horse themed jewelry from Dimacci. They have a double twisted bracelet made from calf leather, with an adjustable, stainless steel horse bit. The bracelets come in a few colours with different designs for the bit. Around £60. Stunning!

6. Horse Print

What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

‘You take care of your horse and your horse will take care of you.

A good horse makes short miles.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

A horse is poetry in motion’.

What do you buy a horse lover? Well, the perfect horse gift for anyone who rides or simply adores horses is something that shows how you feel. This lovely Horse Print is guaranteed to make any horse lover smile and is available as a standard or personalised print. It can be framed or it may be less expensive to buy and frame it yourself. Eco-friendly product and packaging. From Not on the High Street for £11.50

7. Horse Canvas

What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

Juniqe is a brand for canvas art by independent artists. These are two of my favourites for an original idea for a gift. The styles are interesting and modern and they would look great on the bedroom wall of a young horse lover.

8. Horse Cushion Cover

What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

A stylish, hand-made Horse Hunting Cushion cover from Etsy. The cover is made in patchwork style giving a lovely layered effect. The cover is finished with two large buttons which are hand-sewn onto the cover. £10.9. Beware I Ride Horses Cushion

9. Horse Shaped String Light

What do you buy a horse lover for Christmas?

A lovely battery-operated string of horse-shaped fairy lights. These pretty lights would look so pretty in a bedroom or even the stable! £8.99 from Amazon.

10. A Horse Experience Day

What do you buy a horse-lover?What do you buy a horse-lover?

What do you buy a horse lover…

…if you want to give them a real treat? An Experience Day makes an absolutely wonderful present. Experience Days offer a selection of horse-related ‘experience days’ ranging from a Beach Trek, to an Introduction to Polo, Riding Adventures or a Simple Riding Lesson. These take place across the UK and range in price from £40 – £125. A gift you can give a horse lover and know they will be delighted!

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