It's sometimes difficult to know what to buy a bookworm. Most children that love to read will already have many books on their bookshelves. Understanding what they're 'into' is always a good start. Do they like wizards, Willy Wonka or Wimpy Kids? What type of book do they most enjoy and which ones have they already read?  Another challenge when choosing a book as a gift can be matching the age of a child with an appropriate level of reading. Often a child’s reading age does not match their actual age!

If you're still struggling with what book to buy them luckily there are plenty of book-related gifts that a little bookworm can use to accessorise their love of reading.

1. Fun Bookends

What do you buy a bookworm

This is a great way for any budding bookworm, building a steady collection of books, to display them whilst keeping them tidy. I think these sausage dog bookends look really fun whilst doing a great job!
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2. Bookmark and a thesaurus in one

What do you buy a bookworm - Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

When a child reaches the stage where they enjoy reading to themselves in a cosy corner or with a torch under the duvet, they still may come across words that are new to them. I think that this Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is great as not only does it allow the bookworm to mark the page that they have read but also allows them to decipher new words independently.
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3. Bookworm Reading Log

What do you buy a bookworm - Reading Log

A child who enjoys reading lots of different books by different authors may also enjoy keeping a record of these stories. Comparing and rating their books could be a fun way to remember different plot lines and favourite characters for which this Bookworm Reading Log for Kids would be perfect.
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4. Doodle for Bookworms

what do you buy a bookworm - Doodling for bookworms

Doodling for Bookworms will help combine their love of books with some creative fun. Children love to doodle and this doodling book will help spark their imagination around reading, books and all things literary!
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5. Subscription Book Box

What do you buy a bookworm - Subscription to book club
My children love the anticipation of starting a new book and are sad when they come to the end of a particularly good read. Because of this they always have the next one lined up and ready to go! If you know someone like this then giving the gift of a subscription book box might be the answer. You can choose a three, six or twelve-month subscription, a book will then be delivered every month in the post. My children never cease to be excited to receive a parcel through the post so this really would be the gift that keeps on giving!

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Book Tokens

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