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What do you buy? Our top teenage gifts from Firebox

Firebox is one of our best-loved websites when researching gifts for older children. It was created by two university friends and their range of products reflect this story. Their unusual products are often our personal favourites so we have picked our top teenage gifts to share with you.

They also offer student discounts, next day delivery, free returns, free delivery over £100 and best of all a Crap Wrap Service

‘Give your presents that ‘personal touch’ with CrapWrap™ – the Original Anti-Wrapping Service by Firebox. Forget meticulously wrapped presents with sickly ribbons and bows – think wretched rips and tears, pathetic attempts at folding, the odd stray hair. Wrapping something this terribly is a fine art and our warehouse staff are given full creative freedom’.

As they say they ‘don’t take life too seriously’ and that sounds like a lot of the lovely teenagers we know!

1. Llama Lap Warmer

top teenage gifts top teenage gifts

Simply pop this llama in the microwave and let it heat up your frozen core. This gorgeous llama is perfect for cuddling up to in lieu of a real llama and is also safer than a hot water bottle.

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2. Light up Neon Frame

teen gifts teen gifts

Turn your to do list into  a work of neon art or write a happy message to start the day on the right note. This is a brilliant little gadget where you write whatever you want and it is then lit up and announced to the world in  hundreds of colour and motion combinations.

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3. Santa Banter

family games for all ages Family games the teens will enjoy

4+ players (teams)

The Christmas version of Obama LLama, new in this year and we have already put it to the test. LOVE it! GET it!

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4. Brew Candles

top teenage gifts

top teenage gifts top teenage gifts top teenage gifts

What do you buy a lover of ale? Each one of these candles gives a whopping 40+ hours of burn time. Made of repurposed glass bottle containers and lead-free wicks, you can choose from Kentucky Bourbon, Vintage Merlot, or Breakfast Stout. Cool, and for my son and his friends I know these would make top teenage gifts!

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 5. SELFIE iphone case

christmas presents for teens

Definitely one of my top teenage gifts! This phone case doubles as a selfie light and power bank with an adjustable warm LED glow. The phone case fits onto the iPhones 6, 7 and 8 with silicon bumpers to protect the phone from the inevitable dropping on a night out! Presents for teenagers who love taking a selfie!

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6. Pimp your Prosecco & gin

teen gifts teen gifts gifts for teens

One for the over 18’s – Give your Prosecco and Gin a lift by growing your own organic garnishes to add to your favourite tipple! These kits contain everything you will need to grow strawberries, violets, thyme and tarragon to accompany Prosecco. And cucumber, rosemary, thyme and lavender to compliment your Gin. Put your green fingers to work! (Links on individual images)

7. Shower drinks holder

teen gifts teen gifts gifts for teens

One for the over 18’s – Shower or drink? Shower or drink? Now you can do both at the same time! This drinks holder grips to smooth, shiny surfaces allowing you to soap and sip at the same time. Genius. Top teenage gift!

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8. Phone charger

teen gifts teen gifts

We love this phone charger disguised as a pom pom! Be reassured that you will never get caught out again with a dead, useless phone. It even comes with a gold carabiner so that you can attach it to your bag.

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9. Hot chocolate bomb

teen gifts teen gifts

Make a deluxe hot chocolate in seconds with the help of a hot chocolate bomb. Simply drop one of the thick balls of chocolate containing mini marshmallows into hot milk for a fast chocolate fix.  Each pack contains three bombs

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