Going back to school after the long, lazy, summer holidays is always tricky. The pace of life has slowed, mornings have become part of the previous night and homework is but a distant memory.

I absolutely hate the last week of the summer holidays. We are nearly out of it in our house with only one child left in school, but I still get that inevitable mood slump as the end approaches. It is like the ‘Sunday afternoon’ feeling but so much worse.

Bringing back memories of our own childhood

I think many parents feel it too. Firstly, because they dread returning to the hurried pace of school life, homework and after-school clubs that have been on hold for many weeks. But also, because it brings back the same memories of childhood that never seem to leave us and we now have to watch our own kids fall into a decline as the last few days approach.

summer holiday

Avoid last minute preparation

I think it is important not to leave all the depressing, boring stuff to the last week. If you get homework out of the way, bags packed for the first day back and uniform and PE kits ready early on, then you can enjoy the holidays right up to the last minute.

It helps to organise something nice to do soon after they go back to school, so you have something to focus on. Nothing special just a trip out or to see friends a week or so after term starts.

For some, it must be a relief

For some people, the end of the holidays can’t come soon enough, especially if childcare is a nightmare to organise, but overall, it is a sad time for generation after generation of children and parents. We all look forward to the summer for so long, no wonder it hurts when it’s over for another year.

I feel for you all and hope that it passes as quickly as possible.

Any tips?

Please share any suggestions below to lessen the pain!