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Learning to drive is VERY expensive but exciting!

Learning to drive is expensive and it is not just the cost of lessons. There is the cost of the test, the theory test, the re-takes, the car, the petrol, the MOT, the tax and the biggest killer – the insurance!

So any gift which helps with this expensive necessity would definitely be well received by a learner (and their parents) and it is also a milestone that needs to be celebrated!

So, what do you buy a teenager who is learning to drive in 2018?

Most driving schools offer some sort of voucher system for driving lessons. If you know a driving school in their area then have a look at the website for details. Alternatively, my mother-in-law has always given the grandchildren some ‘L’ plates and some money towards a few lessons to get them started, which has been a great help.

1. AA Big Easy Read Atlas of Britain 2018

teenager who is learning to drive

They may laugh but when the sat nav fails them this will be a godsend! This A3 format atlas provides giant scale mapping and type throughout so it is very easy to follow even if they are not used to reading maps. It is available in two binding styles, soft back and spiral bound. Click to view

2. The Official DVSA Theory Test Book

teenager who is learning to drive

An absolute necessity for every teenager who is learning to drive. Prepare your young learner to pass their theory test first time! This is the number-one best-selling theory test book – the ONLY official expert revision guide. This new edition has been updated in-line with changes to the car theory test revision bank, making the questions and explanations easier to understand. Click to view

3. Basic Car Maintenance Book

teenager who is learning to drive

For peace of mind, once they pass their test, this great Auto Repair for Dummies manual helps non-car savvy youngsters to understand basic car maintenance in a simple way. It explains the main principles of how cars work, shows you how to check your tyres, oil, keep the car in good shape, identify strange sounds, save fuel and much more. Brilliant present.

Click to view

4. AA Breakdown and Safety Kit

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

This clever and essential Breakdown Kit for the car gives you and the learner peace of mind when they get out and about on their own. It comes in an AA branded zipped storage bag with velcro, for securing it in the boot. A thoughtful gift for a teenager who is learning to drive or who has just passed their test. Click to view

5. New Driver Stay Away T-Shirt

Christmas presents for teenagers

Do you know a teenagers who is learning to drive soon? These T-shirts are so funny and as a mum who is about to go through it for the third time then these would make the perfect Christmas presents for teenagers – believe me! Click images to view

6. Keep Calm Mug

teenager who is learning to drive

I wish I had seen this mug when my middle child learned to drive. A great mug (text on both sides), which really says it how it is to a teenager who is learning to drive! Click to view

7. Road sign cupcake toppers

teenager who is learning to drive

These cupcake toppers are great fun and you could really surprise a learner with some delicious cakes covered with these edible paper road sign toppers. They can learn while they eat! Pre-cut and ready to use and only £1.80 from Amazon. Click to view

8. Car Air-Fresheners

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

A brilliant three-pack of personalised car air-fresheners. They come in five great scents – bacon, coffee, fresh linen, new car and Island Breeze…a 17-year-olds dream flavours.

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

There are lots of fun car air-fresheners to choose from and they make a great little gift to motivate a learner driver or keep your own car smelling nice after all the nervous tension of lessons! Click links in individual images to view

9. Magnetic Car Phone Mount

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

This great little device is the Dashboard Phone Mount Holder. It has four magnets inside which are strong enough to hold a phone (or whatever device you put on it), securely in place. It sticks to any flat smooth areas in the car (or the home) and can bring added safety for journeys where you need to use the Sat Nav. Click to view

10. Personalised Driving Lessons/Car Fund Money Box

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

If you know someone who will be 17 in 2018 then help them start saving-up for driving lessons with this lovely Personalised Driving Lessons Fund money box. Or if they are saving for a car then the Car Fund Box is a great idea. The boxes are laser-engraved with their name. These personalised money boxes can be given empty or with some money in it to kick-off the driving lessons fund, making a great gift.

11. Fluffy Dice

What do you buy a child who is learning to drive?

So, no driver is really ready to drive until they have a pair of fluffy dice hanging from their rear-view mirror! Wonderful and disgusting at the same time but nevertheless a cool, vintage, amusing gift to please any young learner driver. Click to view