Student Volunteering Week 2018

Student Volunteering Week takes place in order to highlight the positive contribution that students who volunteer make to their own communities. It recognises the many benefits that everyone who participates in the process receives whilst encouraging more students to become involved with volunteering their valuable skills and time. Student Volunteering Week is now in its 17th year and is carried out by the collaboration of three organisations: Student Volunteering Network, Student Hubs and NUS. Last year 60 Colleges, Universities and Students’ Unions from all over the UK with over 55,000 students took part in this event.

Why Volunteer?


“Students have the power and potential to shape a better world.”

Student Hub

There are many great reasons to volunteer: to give something back, to gain new skills and to meet new people are just a few! Students often, unfairly, get a bad name. However, students really do have an enormous range of amazing skills and talents to offer when given the opportunity. Their knowledge and enthusiasm can make a real difference to lives by enabling others to feel a real sense of worth and by implementing valuable change. It is well documented that when students, in particular, interact and engage with society they make the important future connections which enable positive change to happen and allow young people to gain confidence and skills that will help them to become positive, active members of society. The impact of student volunteers has huge benefits for everyone involved.

For further information regarding the importance of students and volunteering, this book by Georgina Brewis goes into much more detail.

Student Volunteering Week

How Do I Get Involved?

Some of the ways students have got stuck in during previous Volunteering Weeks have included: attending volunteer fairs, volunteering for local charities, helping to renovate local community centres and even volunteering to work with alpacas!


Student Volunteering Week

#iwill – Campaign to support high-quality student social action year round


 Student Volunteer Week   Student Volunteering Week

Student Volunteering Week

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