My son hates playing football and so does his Dad, so he never offered to play it with him. I am sure if he had asked my husband would have given it a go, but he didn’t. In fact, he made it quite clear that he thought it was daft and had plenty of other interests to keep him occupied.

But I know in some situations – new school, birthday parties and so on – there were times when he wished he did. One of the boys would undoubtedly bring a football and they would all charge outside. My son would then face the dilemma of being alone or playing a game he disliked and wouldn’t be very good at. It did seem that sometimes he was at a bit of a disadvantage and if he opted to sit it out we would hear the inevitable, ‘He doesn’t like football?.

I have come across the same reaction from many parents with sons who simply live for the game, but also many others who worry about the social side for a son who hates playing football. Football has become the standard bonding game which is great if you enjoy it. But plenty of boys don’t and just need a bit of time to realise this and find other like-minded friends.


 doesn't like football
My son has grown now and not many of his close friends play or ever played. Young boys need to know that not being into football is no different from being into it. They should never feel left out, simply accept it and do what they enjoy. Football just happens to be popular. I can guarantee there will be another child in the same position.
My son likes cars, music and non-team sports and soon found plenty of friends with the same love of those things and the same hatred of the beautiful game!
Make sure you let your sons know this. Football has its place but if it is not for you then be patient and you will find all the other boys who feel exactly the same.
If you have been in a similar situation, then please share your experiences with us!