Sibling Love

As a parent of two children, a girl and a boy, it was always my hope that they would, well, like each other! I was fully aware that there were no guarantees that the sibling bond they shared would automatically lead to sibling love. However, from the moment that my second baby was born, his older sister showed nothing but kindness and patience, a trait that she has continued to display in their relationship as they grow. Don’t get me wrong, however, there are plenty of other ‘traits’ that they display as brother and sister; irritability, anger and blame are just a few!


Siblings: “children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” Sam Levenson

 Observations of Sibling Love in our House:


1.  Exclusive Communication

They have their own special ‘call’ that they only ever use for each other. (My daughter makes a yodelling sound to which my son replies with a Wookiee noise) They use this system to find each other in the house and to alert the other one that they are needed!

Sibling love Sibling love

2.  Intense conversations

They have really, really serious and weird conversations about Harry Potter which I don’t understand. It’s as if the characters are real people, living in real life.

3. Boo!

My daughter, quite worryingly, gets immense pleasure from sneaking up on her brother and making him scream in sheer terror. He is genuinely scared for his life and she is rolling around on the floor in hysterics. She only ever does this to him and he falls for it EVERY time!

4. It Wasn’t Me!

They both love the “Did you fart?” argument! This two-way debate can continue for hours without either of them owning up. They have a love/hate relationship with their shared farts!

5. Nicknames

They add an extra letter “O” to the end of the other’s name. This enables them to stretch each other’s names out at a much louder volume;

AUSTIN: “Did you fart CarysOOOOOOOOO?”

CARYS: “No I didn’t AustinOOOOOOOOO. Did you fart?”

6. Belly Laughing

They have a shared passion for watching ‘You’ve Been Framed’ re-runs over and over again. Apparently watching people publically humiliate themselves and actually hurting themselves counts as hilarious light entertainment, and is just the funniest thing ever. They have been known to record certain ‘funny moments’ on their phones so that they can watch it back for their own pleasure whenever they feel the need!

7. Mutual Agreements

When they were much younger, they had this unspoken arrangement between the two of them regarding party bags. Without saying a word the one who had been to the party would share the contents of their party bag with the other one. They were either very generous or my son worked out that his sister got invited to way more parties!

8. It’s My Turn To Go First

Even though they know that it’s coming every single day, they consistently argue over who is going to clean their teeth first. It is so much a part of their daily routine that I doubt they could now even attempt to clean their teeth without a quick snipe at the other one.

9. No Need For Niceties Here

Normal social graces do not apply to their relationship. I’ve noticed that they never feel the need to say “hello” or “goodbye” to each other  (however, they do always like to know where the other one is and how long they will be). They acknowledge each other in different ways, sometimes with just a look and other times by simply carrying on from the last conversation they had. And although they regularly show kindness to each other that doesn’t extend to politeness. For example, neither of them expect the other to say “please” or thank you” when asking one another for something. Their sibling relationship goes beyond these small pleasantries that they always use when engaging with anyone else in their lives.

10. They Have Each Other’s Back

When they are not making fart accusations, laughing at others misfortunes or scaring the living daylights out of each other, they are fiercely protective of one another and loyal. There really is nothing like sibling love.


I feel incredibly lucky that my children get on as well as they do. I just hope that they continue to have fun and be as supportive of each other as they approach their teenage years and then into their adult lives. To have someone on your side throughout life’s ups and downs, with an unspoken understanding and acceptance is something I hope will be the experience my children have as a sibling.

Although I feel lucky with my two, I know plenty of parents who have found sibling relationships a difficult part of family life. There are parents who are driven completely crazy by sibling rivery and are exhausted by their children’s relentless fighting and arguments.

Do your children get on with each other? We’d love to hear your sibling stories, good and bad!



Sibling love  Sibling love

Sibling love  Sibling love

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