Toddler to Teenager

There are many challenges that parents face as their once cute and cuddly child grows up and becomes a freewheeling, self-sufficient young adult. Watching a child take their first steps towards the independent person they will eventually become can be both gloriously gratifying whilst being completely terrifying all at the same time: The first time you leave them home alone, the first time they go into town without you, the first time they get behind the wheel of a car and then there’s their first boyfriend or girlfriend! One thing’s for sure – sexual health and teenagers needs to be discussed.

Know Your Sexual Health

sexual health and teenagers sexual health and teenagers Sexual health and teenagers

Sexual Health and Teenagers

This is a subject close to my heart as I used to deliver Relationship and Sexuality courses. I understand that talking to young people about their sexual health can be tricky as it’s a personal and sensitive subject which can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, not as uncomfortable and embarrassing as contracting a sexually transmitted infection! Being armed with the correct knowledge about safe sex and how to protect themselves against STI’s can mean that young people are more able to make informed and positive choices about their relationships and their bodies.

“I would think that if you understood what sex education is, you would get down on your knees and worship a condom.” Jane Fonda

STIQ Day – January 14th 2019

STIQ Day takes place every year and has been created with the intention of making people aware of their own sexual health and to encourage more people to have a health check. STI’s are on the increase in the UK and the simple fact that you can feel ok and often have no symptoms means that having a routine test is the best possible way to know your sexual health status. The earlier an STI is diagnosed the better the outcome for the individual and the less chance it will do any long-term damage to their health. An early diagnosis can protect fertility and sometimes save a life so it is good to know that a routine sexual health check is quick and simple.

Worryingly the STI super – gonorrhoea has been reported to be on the increase. Just last week two women were said to have been treated for this particular STI.

Click here for more information about the symptoms and how best to protect against it. 

Sexual Health and Teenagers

If you are concerned about a young person in your life and their sexual health, you can visit your local GUM (Genitor Urinary Medicine) Clinic, your doctor or you can contact a clinic that offers testing online.


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NHS STI Information:

STI's - Know you Sexual Health


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STI's - Know your Sexual Health


Free testing kit:


STI's - Know Your Sexual Health

Online testing:

STI's - Know Your Sexual Health

STI's - Know Your Sexual Health    STI's - Know Your Sexual Health    STI's - Know Your Sexual Health    STI's - Know Your Sexual Health    STI's - Know Your Sexual Health

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