Free online boredom busters

I’ve always had an interest in the way the universe works from quite a young age. To quench my thirst for fun and mind-blowing facts I found a few great channels on YouTube that create videos providing a fantastic way to procrastinate but learn at the same time. I’ve been a fan of these creators since I was in my early teens and I continue to love watching them in my early 20s!

1. Minute Physics

The clue is in the title! Minute Physics make short physics videos accompanied by stop-motion drawing animations to make the learning experience simple and fun. The videos range in complexity from fun ideas like how time-travel works in different fictional films, easier concepts to grasp such as how the solar system works and also delves into the more complicated end of physics such as dark matter and quantum mechanics! This channel just like the others, can be enjoyed by anyone of any age interested in learning more about the universe we live in.

Minute Physics also has a sister channel Minute Earth which provides similar videos but geography based.

Here are some great examples from Minute Physics and Minute Earth

2. Kurzgesagt

This channel is similar to Minute Physics, but slightly more mind-blowing! It focuses on attempting to answer the big existential questions in life. This includes questions such as ‘What is life?’ and ‘Are there aliens?’. These are answered as simply as they can be, accompanied by very impressive cartoon animations to make some beautiful videos with answers that leave you in awe of the universe. Visit Kurzgesagt

3. Vsauce

Vsauce is a collection of YouTube channels that provide slightly longer, sometimes more complex videos answering similar questions. The thing I love about vSauce is that their videos cover far more than just science. They also provide videos on human behaviour, psychology and technology. Vsauce also owns a great channel called DONG, which stands for “things you can Do Online Now, Guys”. It has loads of videos dedicated to showcasing the best the internet has to offer; online games, puzzles, wacky gifts and cool apps. It’s a fantastic channel if you’re bored!