I love that when I hug my children, they creak ever so slightly due to their glass getting squashed in the process!


Both my children have worn glasses from a very young age. My daughter from the age of four and my son the age of three. Before my daughter was prescribed glasses I hadn’t noticed anything unusual about her vision; no squinting, no headaches and she didn’t complain of any blurriness. It wasn’t until she had a routine examination at primary school, along with the rest of her class, that her long-sightedness was picked up. I did feel slightly guilty about this until my daughter reassured me that she hadn’t noticed either!

Once the discovery had been made it was a very straight forward process, and my daughter picked out a pair of very sweet metallic pink frames in no time at all. The family got used to her wearing glasses very quickly and they soon became part of her and who she was.

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The experience I had with my daughter encouraged me to take my son to the opticians before he started primary school. This was, more than anything, simply to rule out the chance that he needed them as well. However, to my complete surprise (I hadn’t noticed any signs with him either!) he too was long sighted and needed glasses.
If you have a child about to start primary school, I would thoroughly recommend having an eye examination before they begin so that they are all set for the learning environment they are about to enter.

Children wearing funny glasses


Together with glasses, both of my children also had to wear eye patches to strengthen their weaker eyes; they did this for a couple of hours every day at school. I can honestly say that neither of my children has experienced any form of bullying as a result of wearing glasses and have always been happy to wear them. In fact, glasses have become something of a fashion statement of late and many of my daughter’s friends were quite envious!

A friend of mine revealed to me that her younger brother had to wear an eye patch growing up. Her Mum came up with the brilliant idea that their whole family should also wear one at the same time as her little brother. This meant that he didn’t feel like the odd one out!

child with eye patch

The range of glasses available today is very impressive and you should have no trouble finding a pair that reflects your child’s personality. You can even get prescription goggles for swimming and special sports glasses to play contact sports. The only style I steered my children away from frames with cartoon characters. I found that they outgrew the style before they needed their glasses replacing. However, you can customise frames with removable accessories if this helps to encourage your child to keep wearing their glasses. This website is fun and colourful www.myblinx.co.uk

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