Safer Internet Day – Keeping children safe online

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally. It is held in February each year to inspire a national conversation. It is a partnership of three organisations, (Childnet InternationalInternet Watch Foundation and SWGfL) and was created to ‘promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people‘.

“Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

This year Safer Internet Day is on February 6th

As a parent myself, I have had to work very hard to keep up with the ever-changing technology available to my children. I didn’t use the internet much myself until recently, and now although there is this incredible, inspiring resource available to them, it does mean we all have to keep up with it and ensure that our children, no matter how old, are protected from the darker side on the internet.

Luckily the UK Safer Internet Centre has expert advice to help parents understand the internet and promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Their top tips for keeping children safe online:

  1. Keep an open and honest dialogue going
  2. Chat about their favourite things to do online to show you understand how exciting it is for them
  3. Understand and use the tools available to manage devices in your home
  4. Learn about the internet yourself
  5. Create a family agreement on usage and rules around the internet

Along with some amazing resources:

Parents’ Guide to Technology

Advice about smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and other internet-connected devices

Advice Centre for tips advice and resources:

For parents and carers

Resources for 3-11-year-olds

Resources for 11-19-year-olds

Teachers and school staff

Foster carers and adoptive parents

Safer Internet Day  –

Keeping children safe online but helping them have a safe and positive experience.

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