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Winter is coming and it’s nearly time to get the humble hot water bottles out again. Tweens and teens love to snuggle up after a busy day and there are some pretty cool versions to keep them cosy. Hot water bottles not only keep them warm but also ease aches and pains and save on heating! We have picked out our favourites and both agree that in this country a hot water bottle is never a bad present!

For your information and to help you choose the right one, the ‘standard’ hot water bottle we all know and love is a 2 litre one.

What do you buy?

The Gin Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottles

A great one for the older teens and young adults! This particular take on a traditional hot water bottle will cheer up anyone feeling chilly or with a tummy ache. 

An original design by Twisted Twee at Not On The High Street – click to view

The Classy Hot Water Bottle – Liberty Print

what do you buy what do you buy

This is one of the most famous of the Liberty prints. The Strawberry Thief Liberty Hot Water Bottle by Alice Caroline is so stylish and we love the satin drawstring ribbon. From Cuckooland (in the sale right now and so much cheaper than Amazon) – click to view

The Multi-Photo Hot Water Bottle

what do you buy what do you buy

A montage of your favourite photos made into a hot water bottle cover! Your photo(s) are printed onto luxury mock-suede photo fabric and made into a cover with a fabric colour of your choice on the back. Free hot water bottle included if required. From HappySnapGifts – click to view

The Knitted Flag Hot Water Bottle

what do you buy  what do you buy hot water bottle covershot water bottleswhat do you buy

what do you buy

We thought these would make a great little gift for a youngster (or an adult) with a particular link to somewhere special. The Scottish one is a smaller size than the others.

From Micro-Pro at Amazon – click to view

The Long Hot Water Bottle

  long hot water bottleslong hot water bottle

These brilliant long hot water bottles can be placed from shoulder to hip to give comforting warmth, the entire length of your body or placed around your neck or across your tummy to relieve tension, aches and pains. Hot water bottles can be used as a natural remedy to help soothe a variety of aches and pains and provide warming relief.

From the HotWaterBottleShop – click to view

The Chunky Knitted Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottle cover

What do you buy a teenager? Classic and stylish, chunky knit hot water bottle covers with a furry bobble! Gorgeous. 2 litre

From Country Club at Amazon – click to view

The Blumtal Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

what do you buy what do you buy

Thanks to the soft covers on the these faux fur hot water bottles, delicate skin is well protected from excessive heat. These lovely 2 litre botties are from Blumtal at Amazon – click to view

The Huggler

hot water bottle coverswhat do you buy what do you buy

These 1 litre (standard size is 2 litre) hot water bottles have a lovely cable knit style cover and are the perfect size to help ease period pains. Hot water bottles have been scientifically proven to ease period pains by placing them on the lower tummy area to increase blood flow to the area and provide relief from pain, aches and cramps. Great gift idea for a tween or teen who is suffering.

From The Hot Water Bottle Shop – click images to view

The Flexible Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottle covers

Another long hot water bottle which is very versatile and ideal for drug free pain relief such as neck pain, shoulder pain and period pain. It is 19 inches long with a super soft removable knitted cover. So cosy!

From Stressnomore – click to view

The All-in-One Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottles what do you buy

These are cute! A hot water bottle in a onesie. Do you know a tween or teen who loves to hang out in a cosy all-in-one? Made of washable soft fleece and even come with little pockets.

From the All-in-one Company via Not On The High Street – click to view 

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