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15 Great Gift ideas for a Pet Lover

Owning a pet is not always easy but it is great fun! It is known to teach children a sense of responsibility and offers friendship and comfort on difficult days. Caring for another living thing is good for the soul. Pet lovers will always be grateful for presents that will make their pets happy too.

So, what do you buy a young pet owner? If you need gift ideas for a pet lover then here are some which caught our eye (and which I am finding hard to avoid buying for myself)!


1. ‘Beware of the Dog’ Print

what do you buy a young pet lover?gifts for pet lovers

A gorgeous, quirky print with a fun play on the ‘beware of the dog’ sign. You can choose any standard dog breed silhouette to feature in the design and some mixed breeds are available too. It comes unframed (they do offer a framing service) but you could just buy a simple frame to put it in.

2. Bespoke Handmade Dog Whistles

what do you buy a child who loves pets?

These are beautiful, hand turned dog whistles in various wood. If your child is planning on doing a bit of training with the dog in 2018 then this would make a lovely, original Christmas stocking gift. Surprisingly they are only £5.00 each and come in yew, ash, walnut or beech.

3. Lion Mane for Dogs

what do you buy a pet lover

Wonderful and hilarious! There is nothing funnier than making your dog look cute or silly. They don’t know so it can’t harm anyone. The Lion Mane Wig is made of faux fur, which is non-toxic and easy to clean. This one is suitable for a medium/big dog like a lab or staffie but you can get them in different sizes for smaller pets. Can’t wait to try this one!

4. USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar

Gifts for young pet lovers

This rechargeable dog collar is so cool as it has 3 different modes; Fast, Flash, Steady Flash and Constant. Not only is it fun and looks pretty, it also ensures your dog is easier to spot in the dark when on a walk or out in the garden at night. It comes with a USB charging cable, is weatherproof, adjustable and comes in four colours and three sizes. Young dog owners would love these.

5. Dog Activity Memory Trainer

What do you buy a young dog lover?Gifts for young dog owners


This Dog Activity Memory Trainer is a fantastic way to keep your dog stimulated and busy. It is fun to observe them working out that it is operated by pressing the remote control to get the treat! There are increasing levels of difficulty due to the fact that you can increase the distance between the release button and the food dispenser. In the end, they can even be placed in different rooms – brilliant! Includes a small scoop for filling.

6. Blueberry Pet Designer Dog Collar

gift ideas for a pet lover

This beautiful collection of dog collars from Blueberry Pet are all so pretty. Not only do they look adorable but they are soft and washable and guaranteed to attract comments when out walking! They come in three sizes – small, medium and large and in lots of lovely patterns and colours. As a dog owner myself, I can assure you that cute dog collars are guaranteed to be winning gift ideas for a pet lover!

Gift ideas for a pet lover – THE CAT

7. Sardine Catnip

What do you buy a young pet lover?

If you are looking for gifts for a pet lover then this is the cutest little cat-friendly toy I have ever seen! Cats love catnip and these fishy catnip sardines also have an internal crinkle for added fun. Catnip is a perennial herb that is a member of the mint family. When cats smell catnip, it often causes them to react to the plant by rolling around and being very playful and hyperactive. What’s not to like?

 8. Three Layers Intelligence Play for cats

What do you buy a young pet lover?

Cats love to play this Three Layers Intelligence Game alone or with their little owners input. You can test how clever your cat really is and keep the cat happy and busy for ages pushing the balls around the layers. Safe and durable.

9. Handmade Enamel Cat Badge

Gifts for a young cat lover

How sweet is this! A lovely present for a little cat lover. The Cat Enamel Pin is handmade out of metal and enamel from Etsy. Wear it with pride to let the world know how great cats are!

10. Cat Bike Bell

What do you buy a cat lover for christmas?out of stock


I love this classic metal and sprung thumb lever bike bell from Prezzybox. This wonderful cycling accessory is sure to please any young cat lovers out there! Essential for a little cyclist, to keep them safe on the roads. All you need to do is attach it to your bike and off you go with this little golden cat to help.

Gift ideas for a pet lover – THE SMALLER PETS

11. Superpet Critter Cruiser

Gifts for a pet lover child

The Superpet Critter Cruiser is what all the celebrity pets are driving around in these days! A 3-in-1 exerciser which adjusts between features to make an exciting pet powered exercise car for hamsters and gerbils. You can watch your pet turn the wheel or roll their Critter Cruiser on any flat surface. Whatever next!

 12. Floral Hanging Basket

Gifts for pet lovers

Who would have thought a rodents house could look so stylish? A gorgeous mini Floral Hanging Basket made from rattan and other pet safe materials for your child’s pet to chew and destroy! I think it would make a cute little gift.

13. Rainbow Play Bridge

Gifts for young pet lovers

What a pretty little bridge! I think a young hamster owner would love to cheer up their little pets home with the Rainbow Play Bridge.This is a fun and colourful activity toy to entertain hamsters, gerbils or mice. The rainbow design would brighten up a hamster’s home beautifully.


14.Rabbit Activity Tree

What do you buy a rabbit owner for Christmas?

I know I am a sucker for a nice looking toy but this really is sweet! This Rabbit Activity Tree is a boredom buster for a rabbit and I am sure a young rabbit owner would love to receive this to make their bunny happy. They can chew it, scratch it and it is made from pet safe materials including seagrass and corn leaf. (It might also suit guinea pigs, chinchillas and rats).

15. Hamsters Paradise Mug

What do you buy a young pet lover?

A high quality ceramic Hamster’s Paradise Mug with a humorous black and white illustration of a cheeky rapping hamster! Under the drawing (of the cheeky hamster) is the phrase –

“Been spending most my life, living in a hamster’s paradise”

(inspired by the Coolio song, ‘Gangster’s Paradise’).

Brilliant gift idea for a pet lover.These hilarious mugs come wrapped in tissue and packaged in a lovely brown gift box from notonthehighstreet.