My daughter is a self-confessed party animal. She also suffers from terrible FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and is enjoying university for all the wrong reasons. I have no idea where she gets it from (!) but have been finding out what her and her party-loving friends are in to.

Fancy-dress has made a massive come back, especially at universities, and dressing up is cool. Party games are all the rage as ever and there are some great new ones out there.

I am in no way encouraging drinking alcohol and most of these suggestions are aimed at students of 18 and over. Love it or hate it, drinking at university is big business. So here are some great ideas for the little party animal in your life and where you can buy them.

‘Born to go Clubbing’ Mug

What do you give a party animal for christmas?

I love this ‘Born to go Clubbing’ mug! A great present or stocking filler for a student (or maybe a Secret Santa gift?)! This ceramic mug has the text printed on the front and back, is dishwasher and microwave safe and is from Amazon.

Personalised ‘Prosecco’ Mug

gifts for party animals

For a slightly posher version, this ‘Prosecco in Disguise‘ mug is the perfect gift for little Prosecco lovers! It can also be printed with an alternative drink, by simply typing the drink into the personalisation box on the notonthehighstreet website (follow link). I think it’s lovely looking and a really cool idea for a special, personal gift.

Pass the Sprout/Pass the Penguin

What do you give a party animal for Christmas?What do you buy a party animal?

Add some good old-fashioned fun to any ‘pre-drinks’ gathering with Pass the Sprout, a funny version of Pass the Parcel. The tissue covered giant sprout, holds a party gift and a funny forfeit in each of its eight layers of paper. It is perfect for breaking the ice at a party.

Ring of Fire – the classic drinking game

Gifts for party animals

If you know any students or older teens then you will probably have heard them talking about Ring of Fire. It is one of the classic drinking games which is played using a normal pack of cards and someone who remembers the rules! Now it has been made with all the rules on the cards so everyone can remember what is going on! Each card has instructions on what the players have to do…for example:

‘The last person to slap themselves in the face must drink’.

As you can see it is an incredibly intellectual game for party animals everywhere! Hilarious!

Glitter Hip Flask

What do you get a party animal for Christmas?

A gorgeous, glittery hip flask set which includes two cups and a funnel. It comes in lots of lovely glittery colours and has a hinged lid so you don’t, predictably, lose it. The flask is packaged in a pretty gift box and would certainly make a party animal very happy!

Disco Light-up Cup

Gifts for party animals

Love, love love this! It really is the ultimate party cup from Firebox and not only lights up but has eight different colour modes. It is full of glitter with a chunky built-in straw and would be well received by a young party-goer!

Photo Booth Props

What do you buy a party animal?What do you buy a young party animal?

Every good student likes to dress up and follow the fancy dress code. I have been amazed by how popular it is. These sets of amusing masks and props will keep a poor student in dressing-up kit for months. Great fun for any party and definitely an essential item for new students leaving for university.

Unicorn Tears Gin Miniature

What do you buy a student for Christmas?

This gorgeous little bottle holds a double measure of Unicorn Tears (gin), perfect for mixing up a cocktail. I think it makes a cute little gift for unicorn lovers who like a party! From Firebox.

Drinking Roulette – including 16 shot glasses

What do you give a party animal for Christmas?

Fun ‘Drinking Roulette’ game for young party animals which includes a roulette wheel, 16 shot glasses and 2 balls. It is for 2 to 8 players and obviously only suitable for 18 + years. An amusing idea for a present which will make them laugh for sure!

Prosecco Pong

What do you give a party animal for Christmas?

Just a bit of fun! Prosecco Pong –  the classic party game but with Prosecco instead of beer. The set contains 12 plastic Prosecco glasses and 3 pink ping pong balls for Prosecco lovers everywhere. Get the ball in the Prosecco you get to drink it! 

Snazeroo Face Paint

What do you get a party animal for Christmas?

Body and face paint is very popular with party lovers and students. This Snazeroo Face Paint Set gets good reviews and is skin friendly, easy to apply and remove. The paint set includes a selection of colours, glitter gels, sponge, brush and instructions. ESSENTIAL party equipment for a student or party-goer!

Glitter Beard Set

What do you get a party animal for Christmas?

Haha, what a great idea! This Glitter Beard set includes three different colour glitters and beard oil to fix it. Choose from three different colour combination sets to suit the bearded youngster in your life.

Party Glitter for face, eyes and body

What do you get a party animal for Christmas?

The more glittery the better! This Cosmetic Glitter is fabulous and has been worn by both my daughters and their friends. You can apply the glitter to your eyes, face and body. You can also add it to your fingernails when you apply nail polish. We love anything glittery and this is very magical!


Test Tube Shot Glasses

Gifts for party animals

I love these Test Tube Shot Glasses. Particularly good for a science student! They look great and are made of durable plastic so no fear of smashing them. I think they would definitely be a hit.

Shot Spinner Drinking Game

Gifts for a party lover!

This Shot Spinner makes a fun little stocking filler! Just load the glass with a shot of something nice, spin the arrow to discover who is nominated to down the drink in one!

Cold Facial Mask – for the hangovers!

What do you buy a party lover?

And finally……just what you need for the hangover the morning after the party. A Cool Facial Mask for the recovery phase!