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Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t welcome a Christmas present made of chocolate! So if in doubt and need a gift for a teenager or young adult, then chocolate will usually hit the spot.

The problem is there are so many good, and bad, products around! We have picked out some of the very best to save you time and ensure you find an age appropriate gift that goes down well.

The best Christmas presents made of chocolate

1. Chocolate Topitoffs

Absolutely LOVE these! These ‘topitoffs’ are chocolate discs that are added to your hot drinks and then melt for a more delicious taste. Make a yummier than yummy hot chocolate. The discs come in packs of 12.

From Prezzybox – Click to view

2. Chocolate Road Signs

Christmas presents made of chocolate

A great Christmas gift for a teen who will be taking their test or learning to drive in 2019. The chocolate road signs come in a clear sided bucket and are individually wrapped in foil.

From Not on the High Street – Click to view

3. (Working) Chocolate Nut and Bolt

Christmas presents made of chocolate

This is so cool! The nut and bolt looks totally realistic and twists up and down just like the real thing. If you know a teenager or youngster who is into mechanics then this could be the perfect Christmas gift!

From Not on the High Street – Click to view

4. F*ck the Detox Chocolate

gifts made of chocolateTop gifts for teenagers

When it comes to Christmas presents made of chocolate this has to be one of the most appropriate. The fun chocolate bar contains all the necessary ingredients to f*ck that detox! It is packed full of delicious fudge, brownie chunks, honeycomb shrapnel and melted caramel. Sounds amazing and hilarious too!

From Firebox – Click to view

5. Chocolate All Day breakfast

gifts made of chocolate

A full English breakfast is a favourite for many, but this version made entirely of delicious Belgian chocolate, is anothr thing altogether! A fun, quirky gift tweens and teens will be sure to love.

From Qwerkity – Click to view

6. Personalised Chocolate record and Cassette

gifts made of chocolate

A beautifully made chocolate vinyl record and a white and milk chocolate cassette tape. Vinyl is very in this year with teens, because of its retro status and so this would make a perfect present for a music, chocolate or party lover!

From Not on the High Street – Click to view

7. Organic Chocolate

christmas presents made of chocolate

Ombar is delicious! It is chocolate that tastes amazing but is also raw, organic, vegan, Fair Trade, gluten and dairy free. Christmas presents made of chocolate which are also guilt-free. This is the mixed case which is 6 x 35g bars but you can buy many sizes and flavours.

From Amazon – Click to view 

8. Hotel Chocolat  – The Pick-Me-Up

Christmas presents made of chocolate

A Christmas present made of chocolate that will lift your spirits. This is one of the famous Hotel Chocolat’s selection. It includes rocky road slab, chocolate brownie, salted caramel chocolate puddles, duo of Eton mess and pecan praline – delicious!

Sold by Amazon – Click to view

9. Chocolate Malteser Christmas Pudding

Christmas presents made of chocolate

This gorgeous Malteser pudding has a crispy crunch chocolate centre, with added Terry’s chocolate orange segments. It is then smothered in Belgian white chocolate, decorated with holly and mounted onto a creamy chocolate round.

This can be personalised with a Christmas message or name.

Not on the High Street – Click to view

10. Lacto/Dairy Free Chocolate

Christmas presents made of chocolate

The Moo Free Hammy’s Selection Box is dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan. It is a very popular choice for anyone who cannot tolerate lactose or dairy but who loves a Christmas Selection Box! Moo Free have a big range of other lovely dairy free chocolates too.

From Moo Free (via Amazon) – Click to view

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