My children have always enjoyed the great outdoors: ice creams in the summer, kicking leaves in the autumn, jumping in puddles during the winter and seeing the wildlife around them in the spring. Both my daughter and son have belonged to the Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs where they have enjoyed taking part in activities such as night hikes, camping, fishing and treasure hunting. Most recently they took part in a bat walk which caused much excitement exploring their surroundings in the dark!

Happily, there are some great gifts and ideas to support any child who enjoys being at one with nature.

1. Head Torch

what do you buy for a child that loves the great outdoors

Every great adventurer needs a torch, whether for outdoor night time exploring or campouts. This head torch is a great idea for when it gets dark but you still need the use of both hands!
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2. Outdoor Den Kit

what do you buy an adventurer - Den Kit

Always be prepared! This is a robust well made Den Kit guaranteed to help the lucky recipient learn new skills and embrace their sense of adventure. This Real Adventure Den Kit contains everything a budding adventurist needs to build a den anywhere.

The kit includes a waterproof camouflage tarpaulin, a durable, waterproof green groundsheet, mallet, enamel mug, camo face paint, jute rope, steel tent pegs, cotton tent peg bag and full instructions. This all comes in a hefty, green, machine washable haversack with shoulder strap for ease of carrying.
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3. Binoculars – discovering the great outdoors in detail

what do you buy a child who loves the outdoors - Binoculars

Any self-respecting outdoorsman/woman needs a good pair of binoculars to hand at all times. Spotting wildlife or keeping an eye on the ‘enemy’, binoculars are an essential item. There is a huge array on offer so make sure you get a pair that are age appropriate and decent quality. We like the Scott Malone Shock Proof 8x30 Kids Binoculars for younger children at around £10.00. For the older child the Olympus Binocular 7x35 DPS-1 are rugged, compact and well made and retail for around £45.00

4. Kombat Waterproof Notepad

what do you buy a child who loves the outdoors - waterproof notepad

This notebook allows the all-weather outdoor adventurer to record and sketch their findings in all conditions! You might want to throw in a Chinagraph Pencil as well that pretty much writes on anything!

5. Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp – basic outdoor survival training

what do you buy someone who loves the outdoors - survival camp
Every outdoor adventurer needs to be prepared. This guide from Bear Grylls teaches them everything they need to know to venture through different terrain, overseas, and under waves. Learn how to cope with searing heat and intense cold and how to find food and water when the going gets tough? This is a great gift for any young outdoor enthusiast in training.

6. Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam (Gopro for kids)

Something slightly more high tech to use in the great outdoors, The VTech 170703 KidiZoom Action Cam is very durable and easy to use. A great introduction to creating outdoor action films and photography. This rather cute youtube review from superDIZZEEkids Club tells you everything you need to know.

7. Metal Detector

There comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure. – Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

What is ideal about the Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is that it has been specifically designed for children. First, this metal detector weighs only a little over half a kilo. It also extends all the way up to about 68 cm. This means that children as young as six years old will be able to use and enjoy this product. Furthermore, there is not a lot of intricacy involved with the Bounty Hunter junior metal detector. It consists of the coil, stem, and control box. The control box consists of a target indicator and two knobs. The knobs can be used to customise it to avoid any unnecessary items. The other advantage is that there is just one tone – a beep. It merely gets louder the closer you are to the object. Features: Can find coins up to 15 cm Easily adjust power and sensitivity Option to avoid trash Suitable for young children All in all, the Bounty Hunter Junior detector is as perfect as it gets for your little one. You will easily be able to get them excited about metal detecting with this machine. Even better, they will be able to handle every aspect of the detector by themselves.

If this doesn’t excite children to get outdoors then I don’t know what will! The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is designed for children but definitely isn’t a toy. It’s a very capable detector yet only weighs a little over half a kilo. This means that children as young as six years old will easily be able to use and enjoy it.

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