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Do you know a child who loves science? – 10 great ideas for geeky teens!

It’s British Science Week  9th – 18th  March My teenage daughter, Annie, is the scientist in the family. She is our geek and that is not the insult it used to be GEEK –  typically connotes an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit So, we decided to spend some time finding great ideas for geeky teens. Do you know a child who loves science? Our geeky teen has helped us find things to appeal to young people with scientific minds. 1. Molymods   You might have heard your children talking about molymods. They are used in schools to...

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What do you buy a young music lover? – 10 great ideas for a musical child

Music is just IN you. You can tell from quite an early age if you have a musical child and it is even easier to tell if you haven’t – believe me! So although all three of my children love listening to music and have dabbled with the odd instrument, with a varied amount of success, my eldest has a complete passion for the subject. He loves everything musical, from pop to a good symphony and is studying it at university. So what do you buy for a child who loves music (whether they are musical or not!)? I have...

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Does it matter that my son hates playing football?

My son hates playing football and so does his Dad, so he never offered to play it with him. I am sure if he had asked my husband would have given it a go, but he didn’t. In fact, he made it quite clear that he thought it was daft and had plenty of other interests to keep him occupied. But I know in some situations – new school, birthday parties and so on – there were times when he wished he did. One of the boys would undoubtedly bring a football and they would all charge outside. My son...

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What do you buy a Star Wars fan? 10 fantastic finds!

What do you buy a Star Wars fan? With the release of the new Star Wars film – The Last Jedi – we have been using this renewed interest to find some brilliant Star Wars gifts to please even the super fans! (Links in images) 1. The Last Jedi – Porg/Kylo Ren Clothing If you are not a Star Wars fan then Porgs are the cute new creatures from the latest Star Wars film – The Last Jedi and Kylo Ren is the evil son of Han Solo and Leia Organa (of course)! 2. Star Wars Death Star/R2-D2 Paper Lampshades Paper...

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What do you buy a horse lover? – 10 great ideas to inspire!

My daughter put ‘Pony’ on her Christmas list every year, just in case! My middle child has always been obsessed with horses. She never owned a horse but it was on her Christmas list every year, just in case. Instead, she trained the dogs and her younger sister to leap over her home-made horse jumps in the garden to pretend she did. She turned her playhouse into a riding school and owned a numnah and bridle which she placed on her rocking horse before taking it on a hack around the hall. At university, she joined the equine society...

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