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What do you buy a Star Wars fan? 10 fantastic finds!

What do you buy a Star Wars fan? With the release of the new Star Wars film – The Last Jedi – we have been using this renewed interest to find some brilliant Star Wars gifts to please even the super fans! (Links in images) 1. The Last Jedi – Porg/Kylo Ren Clothing If you are not a Star Wars fan then Porgs are the cute new creatures from the latest Star Wars film – The Last Jedi and Kylo Ren is the evil son of Han Solo and Leia Organa (of course)! 2. Star Wars Death Star/R2-D2 Paper Lampshades Paper...

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What do you buy a horse lover? – 10 great ideas to inspire!

My daughter put ‘Pony’ on her Christmas list every year, just in case! My middle child has always been obsessed with horses. She never owned a horse but it was on her Christmas list every year, just in case. Instead, she trained the dogs and her younger sister to leap over her home-made horse jumps in the garden to pretend she did. She turned her playhouse into a riding school and owned a numnah and bridle which she placed on her rocking horse before taking it on a hack around the hall. At university, she joined the equine society...

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Online boredom busters for curious minds

Free online boredom busters I’ve always had an interest in the way the universe works from quite a young age. To quench my thirst for fun and mind-blowing facts I found a few great channels on YouTube that create videos providing a fantastic way to procrastinate but learn at the same time. I’ve been a fan of these creators since I was in my early teens and I continue to love watching them in my early 20s! 1. Minute Physics The clue is in the title! Minute Physics make short physics videos accompanied by stop-motion drawing animations to make...

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10 easy ways to make a child’s bedroom more grown-up

Making a bedroom more grown-up It is a weird but wonderful day when your children decide to change their sweet little bedrooms into a more grown-up, chill-out zone. No more football-themed duvet covers. No more animal print curtains.  No more butterfly bins. They want to put their own spin on it and turn it into a cool place to hang out with their friends. My children have spent many weekends creating their own personal up-to-date space to host sleepovers and gatherings. It is a time to give them a cosy place to get their privacy and call their own. Here...

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What do you buy a T.V addict? Are your children obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing or Blue Planet II?

I don’t know if it’s the same in your household but in mine, if you try to ring us, text or email us between the hours of 7pm-9pm on a Saturday night or 8pm-9pm on a Sunday evening you will be met with a resounding shhhhhhh! My children have become T.V addicts. They are completely hooked on Strictly Come Dancing. They have seriously bought into every aspect of the glitzy show. From the sequins, makeup, eyelash, hair and nail extensions right down to the head to toe fake tan, glamorous, showbiz world that is Strictly. They have opinions on...

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