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What do you buy for Anti-Valentine’s Day?

“Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.” W. Somerset Maugham What do you buy for Anti-Valentine’s Day? Young, gooey, heartfelt love is wonderful…if you are lucky enough to receive it. If not then Valentines Day is a bit of a bore, so why not turn it into a fun night! We have been looking for anti-Valentines gifts to help you and other singleton’s in your life, have a laugh on the most romantic night of the year! 1. Alcoholic Lollipop A delicious giant ‘Valentine’s Day Sucks’ lollipop made with real alcohol....

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What do you buy a teenager who is learning to drive?

Learning to drive is VERY expensive but exciting! Learning to drive is expensive and it is not just the cost of lessons. There is the cost of the test, the theory test, the re-takes, the car, the petrol, the MOT, the tax and the biggest killer – the insurance! So any gift which helps with this expensive necessity would definitely be well received by a learner (and their parents) and it is also a milestone that needs to be celebrated! So, what do you buy a teenager who is learning to drive in 2018? Most driving schools offer some sort of...

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What Do You Give to Say Thank you?

One Final List! As my children excitedly tear the paper off the towering pile of Christmas presents they are lucky enough to receive from friends and family, I sit, pen and paper in hand, frantically trying to keep up! This way I can compile a list of who sent what to who, in order that ‘Thank you’ cards can be sent out in the new year.  Sometimes this happens in January but has mostly been known to happen in the month of February. Better late than never is my mantra! So Many Ways to say ‘Thank you’ There are so many great...

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Keeping the family happy and safe on Bonfire Night

For me, the sheer smell of Bonfire Night takes me right back to my childhood. Thick smoke lingering in the bitterly cold night air, the gunpowder smell of rockets whistling past. But my all time favourite smell is that of a sparkler. I used to love signing my name in mid-air over and over again until the spitting, dancing white flames fizzled out leaving just the faintest hint of my name hanging in the air. Bonfire Party Marking the 5th November is always a great date to celebrate; you can do as much or as little as you like!...

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The Quick Guide to a Gluten-Free Christmas!

Christmas is hard enough when you have extra mouths to feed My 21-year-old daughter became unwell when she was in her teens. Eventually, we discovered that she had a bad intolerance to gluten, not Coeliac disease, but an intolerance which meant she needed to avoid gluten at all costs or become unwell again. She found it difficult though, especially at her young age, feeling uncomfortable asking for gluten-free options when out or expecting other people to find alternatives for her. For us, it was a steep learning curve which came with a lot of surprises and mistakes. But now that we...

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