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Starting periods – making it easier for you and your daughter

If you have a young daughter then it is likely that you have considered the day when she starts her periods. Maybe you are absolutely comfortable with it, as I was as a gynaecology nurse, but I know from experience that, understandably, many mums (and dads) find it hard to know how and when to approach the subject of starting periods. Be open about your own periods The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to be open about your own periods from day one. If a girl grows up seeing sanitary pads and tampons and feeling comfortable with the...

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5 university essentials – the important bits no one tells you!

This day was NEVER meant to come! I vividly remember the moment my eldest found out he had got into university. We were on holiday and waiting for the UCAS website to open. When the results came in we jumped about with relief and disbelief, but after the initial wave of excitement, a rather new and uneasy sensation swept through me. This amazing news meant he would be leaving home in a few weeks’ time. My little boy. This day was NEVER meant to come. But some seriously good acting and a strong desire to avoid making him emotional,...

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Whatever happened to normal eating?

Before I started working on this website I thought I had a pretty accurate take on social media. Now that my activity has increased I’ve discovered a side of it that although I knew existed, hadn’t fully understood. On the positive side, there is a wonderful support network and a feeling of belonging when you really get into it. Most people are kind and interesting and have a genuine desire to entertain, advise or connect. But, rather worryingly, there are a few big personalities with huge followings and consequently a big influence, who seem to have slyly fooled us...

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What can and what can’t be treated with antibiotics?

What can’t be treated with antibiotics? If you follow myself and Lynne on Whatdoyou? you will know that my son, George, has recently had ENT surgery and unfortunately been suffering from some pretty awful complications including bleeding and a nasty infection. He has been readmitted to hospital twice (so far) and it has really highlighted to me how important it is for us all to look after our antibiotics. When an infection takes hold, a simple problem can turn into a nightmare. For many of us, lack of information means we do not understand what can and what can’t be...

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University Mental Health – how to thrive in higher education

University Mental Health University Mental Health Day – March 1st 2018 University Mental Health Day is a national campaign which promotes the mental health of people who live, work and study in universities. It is jointly run by Student Minds and UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Charity) and encourages all staff and students to get involved. If you have someone you care about heading off to university it is important to know that they will be looked after, not just physically, but mentally as well. They may be living away from home for the first time and dealing with new people, new surroundings...

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