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Bike Mad

If you know someone who is bike mad, someone, who just loves to ride their bicycle, then you will also know how difficult it is to find a gift that they will really love or just something that they really need and haven’t already got. Do you choose a gift that will help keep them safe on the road or do you choose something that will ‘pimp their ride’?! Here are some gift ideas for those picky pedlers in your life.

1. Beeline Smart Bike Compass

bike mad bike mad

This handy gadget easily fits your bike’s handlebars. Just programme your destination into the compass before you set off and it will calculate the best route to take using the Beeline Smartphone app. You’ll never get lost again! Happily, it is both shock resistant and waterproof.

2. Bike-Balls!

bike-balls bike-balls

Not only will these ‘Bike-Balls‘ put a smile on your face, they also do a good job of making the rider more visible to other road users. A gift that ticks every box!

3. Bike Tyre Belt

bike mad

This funky looking belt is handmade using recycled bike inner tubes! It is available in a choice of colours and it is adjustable. Even better, it comes in its own case also made out of inner tubes. Stylish and good for the environment.

4. Bike Repair Kit


bike mad

This pocket-sized puncture repair kit is perfect for a quick pit stop. It includes tyre levers, tyre chalk, abrasive, patch glue and tube patches.

5. Bike Rear View Mirror

bike mad

What a simple and great idea! This bicycle rear view mirror attaches to the bike riders wrist providing a clear view of what is behind them. The padded rubberised wrist strap is adjustable for comfort and can be used with straight and drop handlebars.

6. Wall Mounted Copper Bike Rack

bike mad  bike mad

We love this high-shine copper bike rack. Wall mounted for space saving purposes and geometric design for style purposes!

7. Leather Bike Bottle Holder

bike mad  bike mad

Not enough hands? This brown leather beer bottle holder will free you up!  Advice surrounding the law, riding your bike and alcohol.

8. Makeup Bag

bike mad

What more could a makeup-loving, bike mad individual need?! This cotton-lined bag is available in mint, mustard and white.

9. Pro Cycling Card Game

bike mad bike mad

A cycling twist is given to the classic game of Top Trumps. These high quality, plastic coated playing cards enable players to challenge each other with the stats of some of the best-known cycling pros.

10. Pro Cycling Trumps Poster

bike mad

If you think the Top Trumps playing cards are just too good to keep in a box, then here are the pro cycling legends arranged into an eye-catching A2 print. All 54 playing cards are included just minus the stats. Each print is also signed and dated.

11. Cycling Jersey

bike mad

This fun but hard wearing cycling jersey is made of polyester and Spandex. This lightweight and breathable material is also quick dry and anti-sweat. There are three handy pockets at the back of the jersey.

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