For me, the sheer smell of Bonfire Night takes me right back to my childhood. Thick smoke lingering in the bitterly cold night air, the gunpowder smell of rockets whistling past. But my all time favourite smell is that of a sparkler. I used to love signing my name in mid-air over and over again until the spitting, dancing white flames fizzled out leaving just the faintest hint of my name hanging in the air.

Bonfire Party

Marking the 5th November is always a great date to celebrate; you can do as much or as little as you like! Some enjoy going all out throwing extravagant parties complete with mugs of steaming, hot soup, or bowls of warming chilli. Whilst at the same time “oohing and ahhing” at bangers, rockets, and Catherine wheels all set to loud, rousing pieces of music. My children had a go at making these bonfire caramel cupcakes and we agreed they would be a yummy addition to any bonfire party. They are eye-catching and very child-friendly to make. Here are my two at work!

Quiet Firework Fun – indoors!

For others watching the neighbour’s firework display out of the upstairs window, with all the lights switched off, remaining in the warm comfort of their own home is more than enough!
Saf’s children always found indoor fireworks just as exciting as the ones that get set off at the bottom of the garden. As a busy mum, Saf enjoyed them as they were less hassle, less fuss, and less noise! I am planning on giving these a try this year for the same reasons!

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Firework Alternatives

Many small (and big!) children do not enjoy the ear piercing, loud bangs that some of the fireworks give off and can find the experience of a firework display quite frightening. These children can still join in the bonfire fun with some firework craft; all the sparkle with none of the noise!

Childrens craft for bomfire night

Stay Safe and Warm

Whichever way you choose to spend Bonfire Night this year, there are plenty of ways to join in with the fun. However, if you do choose to host your own firework display at home be sure to wrap up warm, these hats look great (everyone’s favourite colour!) and stay safe.

The Firework Code and safety tips for sparklers and bonfires from the RSPA.


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