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Growing children and their changing needs

Just when I think I’ve got it sussed, my children go and change, again. Often these developments involve bodily functions which can be delicate, sensitive subjects. The latest change has got me thinking about deodorant for children and which ones are the best.

When they were babies I became an expert on bottoms and poo; I could wipe, smooth and clean my baby’s bottom in one fell swoop, with my eyes closed, texting one-handed at the same time as packing a bag and all whilst using the loo myself. But if you asked me to do it now, over 10 years later, I couldn’t guarantee I’d know where to start.

Looking back, the stages in my children’s life didn’t actually last that long, although at the time it felt like forever. They are constantly growing and changing in front of our very eyes, no teeth, first teeth, wobbly teeth, gappy teeth, adult teeth! When they were babies it never crossed my mind that I would ever be considering the best deodorant to use on them.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the rapidly changing little person in front of you. I often look at my 12-year-old daughter in bed and wonder how did she get so very long? And when did she start wanting to stay in bed for “just a bit longer” instead of getting up at the crack of dawn?!

Helping your child understand their body

My oldest has now started secondary school which means there are more changes afoot, both physically and emotionally. One advantage of having an older child is that she is now able to talk to me about what is happening and how she is feeling (although this is sometimes just a series of confused and incoherent words and tears)! We had one of these discussions recently when she came to me after she’d been to her running club. She said that she was feeling sweaty and uncomfortable and that she would like to try some deodorant. We’ve made it all the way from a baby’s bottom to teenage armpits!

Being kind to teenage skin – which is the best deodorant for children?

When my children were babies I was always very careful about what I used on their soft, new skin. I didn’t use products that were perfumed or coloured for example, but this was pretty straightforward as there were plenty of baby-friendly products out there to choose from. However, I have found that as my children have grown the same choice isn’t available.

On my mission to find something that would be kind to my daughter’s skin, but that would also keep her smelling as fresh as a daisy, I came across Keepitkind who specialise in deodorants for teenage skin. They only use natural ingredients to tackle the growth of bacteria whilst still allowing young skin to breathe. (Bacteria causes the unpleasant odour experienced by young people and teenagers up and down the country).

The Keepitkind range offers several deodorants so you can decide which is the best deodorant for your child.

A unisex roll-on which they recommend from the age of eight, two different perfumed roll-on deodorants aimed at girls aged 11 and up, as well as spray deodorants for girls and boys aged 11 and up. Something that might also be important to you and your teen is the reassurance that these products are all vegan-friendly so they have not been tested on animals.

My daughter has been very happily using missy pink teen deodorant now for the last few months and is very happy with the results. Using this deodorant has given her the confidence to continue taking part in the activities she has always enjoyed.

So, at the time of writing this, this is the stage I have reached with my daughter. I wonder what will be next?

deodorant for children

deodorant for children

deodorant for children deodorant for children

Best deodorant for children

More tween-friendly deodorants for you to try:

deodorant for children  deodorant for children  deodorant for children

Teen Skincare

As well as thinking about suitable deodorant for children, the tween/teen in your life might also be interested in using other products to keep themselves happy, healthy and clean. Establishing a regular washing and showering routine is a great way to increase self confidence as they get older and their bodies begin to develop. Here is a selection of some skincare ranges created with teens and tweens in mind.

deodorant for children deodorant for children

These organic skin and body care products from Green People, use only natural ingredients and are suitable to use on all skin types. They have a fairly large range and handily you can buy a sample pack which includes miniature products from the range for you to try.

deodorant for children

The Clear Start skincare range is made up of eight products ranging from face wash, overnight treatments, moisturisers and spot fixes. They were designed specifically for teenagers and young adults.

deodorant for children

Elizabeth’s Daughter is a range of skin and bodycare which came about after the creator couldn’t find suitable skincare products when her own daughter was in need of them. The range is designed for youthful and sensitive skin and uses only natural ingredients. The range includes eye make-up remover, bath and shower products as well as face masks.

deodorant for childrendeodorant for children       deodorant for children