Fun in the Sun – Beach and Pool Games

The weather has been very kind to us this year, so we have been window shopping and spotted some great beach and pool games to entertain the family during the amazing summer of 2018!

InflataBull Pool Float

beach and pool games

Saw this mentioned by Zoella recently and it looks hilarious! Be the rodeo star of the pool by holding on for as long as you can, whilst your friends try to knock you off the bull.

Dive Sticks

beach and pool games

I know these look ridiculously simple but dive sticks give hours of fun in the pool. My kids spend more time swimming under the water than above it. Also come as dive rings.

Ice Cream Ping Pong

beach and pool games

What a pretty take on table tennis bats, balls and net. Ice cream ping pong!

Giant Glitter Beach Ball

beach and pool gamesbeach and pool games

Entertaining and SO pretty – a giant glitter beach ball for beach, sea or pool!

Aubergine Raft

beach and pool games

We love this aubergine inflatable raft. It’s great for the kids (but also holds two adults – just saying!)

Beach/Garden Rounders Set

Beach and pool games

We have spent a week on the beach in Norfolk every year since the kids were little, and always play rounders – even Granny and Grandpa! A rounders set is an essential piece of holiday kit.


beach and pool games

A classic frisbee is great beach entertainment.  This simple, inexpensive Discraft is the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series and always scores well in the reviews. When it comes to beach and pool games the traditional ones are still as popular.

 Delicious Fruity Beach Balls

beach and pool gamesbeach and pool games

Just thought they were very pretty! Everyone needs a beach ball on holiday.

Pro Kadima Paddle Ball

beach and pool games

Pro Kadima is the original beach paddle ball game. You will have seen it played in the shallow waters of any sunny beach destination around the world. If you’re kids are good at tennis or Ping-Pong, they’ll probably be good at this and if they are not then they will have fun learning!

Microfibre Beach Towels

beach towels  beach towels

Not a game, I know, but my daughter introduced me to these microfibre beach towels after a recent holiday with friends. They are ideal for beach and by the holiday pool as they dry super quick and roll up super small to pack. They look lovely too! A fantastic invention.


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