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So, my kids don’t go to top universities

So my kids don’t go to top universities My kids are not at top universities. I am well aware of that thanks!  What I am sick of is (some) other parents who feel the need to point it out …oh was that the old poly?’ (sad face), …’oh Brookes, not actual Oxford?’ (smug face). A simple congratulations will do! Stop loading me with your hang-ups about your own children’s education. My approach to education is very considered. I have never been a parent who put a huge amount of pressure on my children, but I did it for a...

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Natural Instincts – be the mum that you truly are

Trust your natural instincts – they are there for a reason As a parenting blogger with three older children, I follow the lives of many new mums. I watch with part-jealousy, part-relief and remember the exhausting early days of motherhood. Looking back I ponder over the ridiculous amount of pressure and guilt we pile on ourselves. What stands out the most is how we let outside influences create barriers to our natural instincts. If I could give you ONE bit of advice – it would be to trust your natural instincts because they are brilliant and it is so...

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Starting periods – making it easier for you and your daughter

If you have a young daughter then it is likely that you have considered the day when she starts her periods. Maybe you are absolutely comfortable with it, as I was as a gynaecology nurse, but I know from experience that, understandably, many mums (and dads) find it hard to know how and when to approach the subject of starting periods. Be open about your own periods The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to be open about your own periods from day one. If a girl grows up seeing sanitary pads and tampons and feeling comfortable with the...

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Wrap your kids in cotton wool, just not too tight

For me, bringing up children is like taking off on a plane. It’s that uneasy sensation when the wheels first leave the runway and although your head says it will almost certainly be fine, the pit of your stomach says otherwise. Wrapping my children in cotton wool or rather just keeping them safe has always been uppermost in my thoughts. I consider myself a worrier and have always been risk-averse, but I am fully aware of it and don’t think I have done my children any long-term damage. I also don’t think I am that unusual these days. So,...

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5 university essentials – the important bits no one tells you!

This day was NEVER meant to come! I vividly remember the moment my eldest found out he had got into university. We were on holiday and waiting for the UCAS website to open. When the results came in we jumped about with relief and disbelief, but after the initial wave of excitement, a rather new and uneasy sensation swept through me. This amazing news meant he would be leaving home in a few weeks’ time. My little boy. This day was NEVER meant to come. But some seriously good acting and a strong desire to avoid making him emotional,...

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