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When your children are teenagers, it’s important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you“. Nora Ephron

We are both mums of older children, friends, a nurse, a sexual health facilitator and were both teaching assistants at a large comprehensive school. Over several years and countless issues that came our way as our children grew, we realised that there is very little out there, in the way of resources, to support parents of older children, teenagers and young adults. Growing children bring a whole new bag of tricks with them, some of which make you actually miss the simplicity of sleepless nights and endless dirty nappies! So this is the basis of our website.

“I raised five children. They all have different personalities. All of them have different issues, different levels of success. That was a learning experience for me” T. D. Jakes


I have three children – two daughters aged 17 and 21 and a son aged 23 years. I worked as a nurse for many years before and after having my children, including two years in Sydney, Australia. I have since worked as a Teaching Assistant in a large comprehensive school until leaving to work on this website at the end of 2017.


I have a daughter aged 11 and a son aged 9 years. I studied Drama and Psychology at Worcester University. After leaving university I became a facilitator delivering Relationship and Sexuality courses for adults with learning disabilities for the next 7 years. I then became a teaching assistant in a secondary school in 2013 up until October 2017. I have also had training in counselling skills focussing on young people and have spent time as a volunteer with the Samaritans.

Saf and Lynne met at work as teaching assistants in a large comprehensive school. They worked primarily with children with special educational needs as well as the general student population.

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The Gap Year – what are the pros and cons?

What is a Gap Year? A gap year is, by definition, a period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between school and university. It is usually used to travel. The idea of taking a 'Gap Year' started in the 60's and has grown in...

Top Lip Balm and Gloss – Pucker up!

Lip Balm - Can you ever have too much? Have you noticed how some people are completely obsessed with lip balm? My daughter is one of these individuals and she simply can't get enough of the stuff! She is always on the hunt for new flavours, scents, colours...

Teenage sexual relationships and how to prepare!

What do you do when your child brings home their boyfriend or girlfriend? Watching your child grow up, change and become more independent is weird. It is wonderful too, but it is weird. You have complete control over them for years and they love it. Then...

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  • Sick of not being able to think of gift ideas for older children? 💙
Visit us at whatdoyou for all the answers. Link in bio. Saf & Lynne 💙
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  • She is finally home with a sore foot and an empty bank account, but she is home. She already has a trial shift for a job to raise money for her upcoming, post-uni gap year. Both my daughters are taking a gap year this academic year, one before and one after university.
🎺 NEW POST: The Gap Year - What are the pros and cons? (Link in bio)
The idea of taking a gap year started in the 60’s and is now a big part of growing up for some. If you have an older child and are considering a gap year then here is my experience and the reasons you should or shouldn’t take a year out.
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