10 of the Best Beach Towels for Teens

This year, beach towels are big business. There are some great ones around and we have selected 10 of our favourites.

1. The Turkish Beach Towel

best beach towelsbest beach towels

Probably our absolute favourite ‘best beach towel’ – these soft, lightweight Turkish towels are very in for 2018 and look fantastic.

  2. The Pineapple-Shaped Beach Towel

10 best beach towelsTop gifts to buy teenagers

Of all the best beach towels, the shaped ones appeal the most to our tweens. (It is also in the sale at the moment so be quick!)

3. The Rainbow-Shaped Beach Towel

10 best beach towels

A towel that is actually shaped like a rainbow – so pretty and fun!

**Low in stock now, so if you don’t manage to get this one then there is another company called GiggleBeaver (who sell through Amazon) who do lots of shaped beach towels, including a rainbow one.

4. The Reserved Beach Towel

best beach towels

Get that spot saved! The best beach towel for the poolside.

5. The Round Beach Towel

best beach towels best beach towels

Round beach towels are the new thing. These are a few of our favourites. (links in images)

6. The Poncho Towel

best beach towels

Bulk free poncho towel. Lightweight and fast drying. Also great to get changed under!

7. The Resting Beach Face Towel

best beach towels

Brilliant! They have matching bags and purses too.

8. The Funny Towel

best beach towels

‘The biggest fabric tribute to Miss Spears in the world’ – FIREBOX

9. The Quick-Dry Beach Towel

beach towels  beach towels

My daughter introduced me to these microfibre beach towels after a recent holiday with friends. They are the best beach towels as they dry super quick and roll up super small to pack. They look lovely too! A fantastic invention.

10. The posh beach towel

best beach towels

Designer, logo beach towels are an essential on many teens holiday packing list. This one is lovely and surprisingly affordable.

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