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  • I have been pondering...
Today I put my youngest child (teen) on the train to visit her boyfriend at uni for the first time since he moved. She is very capable and pretty sensible so why do I find it so hard to stop reacting as her carer? 
Is it just because she is my youngest?

As I left the station a ‘delayed’ notice appeared on the board and I immediately felt it was my job to sort it. I felt worried she wouldn’t know what to do, but when I messaged her she was unfazed and had it all sorted! 
It must take quite a while to accept your kids are capable of looking after themselves. I guess I have been doing this job for a long time and as chief problem-solver around here it is hard to retire. My brain has rewired itself and so I now need to re-rewire it. 
This is confirmation that taking on my big challenge next summer (The Mongol Rally) was a good idea. If I am half way across the world I can’t do a huge amount for them. It’s like CBT on the go!
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  • Day four of PGL. •
This was the last time I saw my ten year old son. He was queuing to get on the coach to embark on his first trip away without us.
It’s funny how life at home without him has meant that we are somehow less organised, we don’t seem to be able to get our timings quite right. His sister and I are a little lost without him. I found her just hanging out in his room yesterday, no reason, just hanging! •
Hurry home, we miss the thud of a football being constantly kicked against the doors and walls every second of our day😉. Lynne x •
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