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  • This is my youngest, Austin. As far as I can see there are pros and cons of being a second child. A perk of being the youngest is that he gets to watch his big sister go through everything first before he does. This allows him to assess what he needs to do both now and in the future, he knows exactly what’s coming next! So, here you find him making the most of his mornings before he starts secondary school in just over a years time. He witnesses first hand how life begins to ramp up as you get older. He watches his sister getting ready for school, packing her bag, checking her homework and having to leave the house much earlier in the morning than he does. He is therefore going to make the very most of the uncomplicated joys of being nearly 10 years old and I for one don’t blame him 💙 Lynne x •
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  • When my children were little we often walked to release the inevitable tension built-up by being inside for too long. This is one of my favourite photos of them together, and despite the exhaustion and stress of it all, I REALLY miss those days.
I know if someone had told me that at the time, I wouldn’t have believed it. Although my children are still living at home, the difference now is I actually believe it won’t be long before they spread their wings and leave the nest for good. I can now see it IS going to happen 😢
It’s a shame we can’t somehow have even a glimpse of this feeling when we are in the thick of parenting small children. Just a tiny inkling of the gut wrenching thought that one day they won’t be in our care any more. I really think we could use it to get us through the difficult days of being parents. Maybe I should work out how to bottle it? Saf x •
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